Save Water, Drink Wyland

Save Water, Drink WylandImagine you’re sitting on a beach. The sun is glistening against the water, the waves are crashing against the shore, there are hardly any clouds in the sky and life has seemingly slowed down. You dig your feet into the sand; it gets cooler the further down you dig, relaxing your entire body into a trance-like state. There is nothing in the world you are worrying about. Life is blissful. This is exactly how Wyland, one of the world’s most renowned marine life artists, wants people to feel when they drink his rum.


The Art of Rum

Save Water, Drink Wyland            It may seem strange to think a long-time artist is suddenly turning to a career of spirit-making, but for Wyland, an avid scuba diver, storyteller, and conservationist, it’s a “hobby that got out of control.”

After years of diving in and around the most well-known “sugar cane belt” of the world, Wyland developed a taste for the fine rums of the region. His love for the people of those places and the rum they created have fueled his efforts to create one of the best new rums to emerge: one that can be enjoyed plainly over ice just as much as mixed in a cocktail.

“It’s from Dominican primarily, and it’s a blend with Barbados and Nicaragua,” Wyland says. “The fact that it’s a blend from three of the best rum-making islands is the first factor [that makes it different]”.

This finely tuned ability to perfect rum is another kind of art form that Wyland is about to launch a new career path from. But, he would never leave his love for painting or marine life behind; on this journey to create the unique rum he has also added elements of his art and love for marine life.

Sold Out

For the art fanatics and rum lovers looking to try Wyland’s new creation, you may want to book a ticket onto a cruise now. Wyland’s first entire run was sold out to Norwegian Cruise Line.

“It’s pretty bizzare that even before your rum comes out, just for one tasting it sells all the way through.” Wyland says, “I’m really proud of Norwegian Cruise Lines for introducing my rum to the world.”

This is not the first time the cruise line has taken an interest in Wyland’s talents. This past summer Norwegian launched their newest ship “Norwegian Bliss” which is hand-painted by Wyland. The 1,094-foot long ship is decked out from bow to stern in his distinguished art.

If you happen to be a lucky guest on the ship you can enjoy Wyland Rum while viewing his art throughout the ship as well.

Each bottle of Wyland rum is decorated with Wyland’s signature artwork to enhance the experience of drinking it. These bottles can serve as a collector’s item while providing a refreshing beverage, a 2-for-1 if you will.

“Art and spirits go together perfectly; they have for a long time,” Wyland says. Like the way red wine and steak go together, enjoying art while drinking a glass of rum seems like the most ideal way to experience it, according to Wyland.


Save Water, Drink Wyland

Go Deep

While art and rum have given Wyland’s life a creative outlet, his core efforts go towards something he is greatly passionate about environmental conservation. This passion has led him to a successful career as the world’s most renowned marine life artist. His depiction of oceans and marine animals through murals has earned him a reputation as one the greatest forward-thinking artists. A mouthful for some- but just the introduction to Wyland.

“The success I’ve had as an artist really helps me support my Wyland Foundation.” He says, “Our goal is to bring people together for clean water and a healthy planet.” Wyland’s foundation was started in 1993 to help spread the word about water conservation and the importance of healthy oceans and waterways.

One of Wyland’s hopes for his ultra-premium spirit line, which is also slated to include vodka, whiskey, and tequila, is to continue to build success so he can continue supporting his goal for cleaner oceans and waterways. Celebrity friends like Blues Master and run aficionado Taj Mahal, Pitbull and Armando Christian Perez have helped Wyland perfect his new dark Caribbean rum and now is available for the first time worldwide.

Wyland wants people to feel blissful drinking his rum on a beach, and with his foundation’s goal to clean up the marine environment, including oceans, this can be entirely possible.

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