Say Goodbye to Traditional Wraps and Say Hello to Folios Cheese Wraps, Wraps Made Entirely from Cheese—Celebrate National Dairy Month with This Gluten- Free, Low-Carb and Keto Dieter’s Dream

Folios™ Cheese Wraps are made with 100% natural cheese and has re-invented the traditional wrap. For those who follow a gluten free, keto or low carb lifestyle for health or personal reasons, Folios™ keto-approved, lightly baked sheets of cheese that can be wrapped, stuffed, rolled, melted, crisped and baked to perfection! Yes, you read that right, a wrap made of 100% all-natural cheese that are lactose and gluten-free, made without wheat, starch, fillers or added sugar and are only 1g of carbs! They are the first and only keto-approved cheese wrap on the market and #1 cheese wrap nationwide, becoming a staple in the kitchens of the keto, gluten and allergy-friendly and low-carb diet communities and for anyone looking to shake things up for a deliciously creative, convenient, and cheesy twist to enjoy cheese in any recipe, every day.

Folios™ Cheese Wraps are available in three exciting flavors, Jarlsberg®, Parmesan, and Cheddar. Since true keto products must be low-carb and high in protein and fat, with 13g of protein and only 1g of carbs, Folios™ Cheese Wraps has you covered and is a wonderful alternative to wraps, tortillas, and many other high-carb foods. Folios™ can be crisped to make a savory taco shell, cheese bowl, pizza or chips, melted into a mouthwatering burrito, enchilada, or omelet, rolled into a low-carb wrap, or eaten straight out of the package as a delicious cheese snack.

Folios™ Cheese Wraps continues to grow in popularity among the Keto community and have become a sensation across social and digital media with organic postings and recipes from dedicated fans going viral. The brand experienced major growth throughout 2019 and continues to rapidly grow. Recently, Folios™ has been recognized by Delish as “America’s Most Delish Keto Product of 2020” and by Prevention Magazine as one of the winners of the “Healthy Food Awards”, highlighting the innovative product’s clean ingredients & delicious flavor. A new website is launching in 2020, which will feature recipes and a Destini™ store finder, making it easier for consumers to find and enjoy Folios.

Folios™ is available online and in stores across the US. They can be found in a 10-count pack at Costco for $8.99 and all other retailers nationwide in a 4-count pack with prices ranging from $4.99 to $5.99.

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“The first ever 100% cheese wrap–Folios™ Cheese Wraps continue to be a huge hit with consumers looking for healthy wrap alternatives,” says Valerie Liu, Marketing Manager at Norseland.

Folios™ Cheese Wraps make delicious, keto-approved recipes without the fear of eating too many macros. To learn more about Folios Cheese Wraps™ and get recipe inspiration, visit the website at or become a part of the Folios community on Instagram (@FoliosCheeseWraps), Twitter (@FoliosCheeseWraps), and Facebook (@FoliosCheeseWraps). Share your favorite Folios™ recipes on social media and use #ItsAWrap #FoliosCheeseWraps for a chance to be featured on Instagram page.