Slate Wine Bar + Bistro hosts Portuguese Wine Dinner

Slate Wine Bar + Bistro features Manz Winery in a Portuguese Wine Dinner

Slate Wine Bar + Bistro hosts Portuguese Wine DinnerWith his own heritage based in Portuguese food and wine, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro Chef & Sommelier Danny Lledó jumped at the chance to feature the Manz Winery in a Portuguese Wine Dinner. A $65 four-course dinner with wine pairing plus tax & gratuity, to be hosted at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 25, 2017, centers around the unique varietals produced by Manz Winery.

Started in 2008 by André Manz, the Manz Winery gained recognition for revitalizing and introducing the world to Portugal’s almost extinct Jampal grape. Manz was discouraged from producing the Jampal grapes, but with a motto of “I don’t want to do too much wine, I want to make good wine!”, Manz created an award-winning white wine, Dona Fatima, the only one in the world that uses 100% Jampal grapes. With an intense freshness, the Dona Fatima brought recognition to this small winery in western Portugal. The portfolio is rounded out with wines from Alto Douro and Setúbal regions.

Chef Lledó worked with Pearson’s Wine & Spirits to select three Manz Winery wines to present during the evening, and developed a menu steeped in his own Portuguese background. Featuring such dishes as Chard Octopus Salad, Cod À Brás, and Suckling Pig À Bairrada, Lledó pays homage to his mother’s home region of Bairrada, Portugal. Growing up with stories and food from the area, Lledó is excited to bring some of his family heritage to this dinner.

In addition to the new American cuisine at Slate Wine Bar + Bistro, Chef Lledó incorporates his Portuguese and Spanish background with his traditional French training to present unique dishes all year round. Known for his award-winning Paella, Lledó infuses every dish with the flavors of his childhood, and brings the warmth of his heritage into his everyday hospitality.

This dinner will be a one-of-a-kind event and a must-do for any D.C. foodie. Come prepared for an evening of fun and new experiences, as Chef Lledó guides you across the world through the Portuguese food and wine.

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