The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) is celebrating its centenary this year. One of the highlights is set to be a major exhibition, Scotch Whisky: From Grain to Glass, in the Scottish Parliament.

Also to mark the landmark year for the industry trade body, Liz Lochhead, the Makar or Scottish national poet, will unveil her specially-composed poem. The verse will be read by Ms Lochhead for the first time at an event in Edinburgh in June – approximately 100 days in advance of the SWA’s anniversary in October.

The Scotch Whisky: From Grain to Glass exhibition will be held in the Main Hall of the Scottish Parliament from 29 November 2012 to 25 January 2013. The exhibition will show the scale and diversity of the Scotch Whisky industry. It will bring together materials from distilleries across the country, including bottles from the early 20th century to classic advertising campaigns. It will be the first time many of the exhibits have been put on public display.

A brochure tracking key SWA and industry events of the last century will be published. A comprehensive independent study on the economic impact of Scotch Whisky in the last 100 years will also be launched. Other events, in the UK and in overseas markets where Scotch Whisky is popular, will be announced throughout the year.

Gavin Hewitt, chief executive of the Scotch Whisky Association, said:
“This year is about celebrating the colourful past and looking forward to a successful future for Scotch Whisky. Our centenary gives us an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of this globally successful industry at home and abroad. “The SWA relies on a dedicated team that works hard to protect, promote and represent the Scotch Whisky industry around the world. Events, such as the exhibition at the Scottish Parliament, will allow us to showcase the value of our work to a wider audience.”

The Scotch Whisky Association’s roots go back to October 1912 when the Wine & Spirits Brand Association was formed in London. It became the Whisky Association in 1917 and the Scotch Whisky Association in 1942.