Sharing Meals, Eating Healthy Celebrate Family, Friends, and Holidays With SeaBear

For remarkable holiday meals, entertaining, and gift-giving this upcoming season, turn to a trusted brand that has been satisfying palettes since 1957.

SeaBear has a loyal following who are seafood enthusiasts that know quality when they taste it. That’s why they keep coming back repeatedly for delicious authentic smoked salmon and other artisan seafood creations. Located in the small waterfront town of Anacortes, Washington, the brand even has its own “SeaBear Day” on July 29th, which is now celebrated every year.

Starting as a backyard smokehouse in 1957 by local Tom Savidge, the brand has evolved into the finest small-batch artisan seafood available for home delivery. Its innovative Gold Seal pouch (which Tom created and the company owned a patent on for many years) preserves the salmon naturally so no refrigeration is required.

From where salmon abounds comes incredibly delicious smoked salmon (and much more!) that will tantalize taste buds and create special moments worth celebrating. Here are some favorites:

Waterbrook Winemaker’s Smoked Salmon 

  • In conjunction with Waterbrook Winery of Walla Walla, the brand created this special culinary celebration of their region
  • They brush the wild Alaskan Coho salmon with a glaze of Waterbrook wine and smoke using vines and American Oak Chardonnay wine barrels from their vineyards
  • The result – a wonderfully moist Pacific Northwest smoked salmon with subtle, complex layers of flavor
  • Price: $12

Pacific Northwest Crab Roll Experience 

  • The Pacific Northwest answer to the Lobster Roll – SeaBear combines Dungeness Crab and Alaskan King Crab to make a mouthwatering sandwich you prepare at home.
  • Included over 1/2 lb. of sweet, delicate Dungeness Crab, and SeaBear’s wildly popular Alaskan King Crab Dip, with chunks of King crab.
  • There’s only three places you can enjoy this special creation — at SeaBear Smokehouse, Seattle’s Pike Place Market (the Made In Washington store) and at your home via!
  • Price: $79

Seafood Feast Dinner for 2

  • 4 courses and 5 types of seafood (Clams, Scallops, Halibut, Salmon and Crab)!
  • Restaurant fine dining, but in the luxury of your own home.
  • Included is:
    • Alehouse Clam Chowder (12 oz)
    • Scalibut Cakes & Sauce (2)
    • Smoked Salmon Mac & Cheese (1 lb)
    • Merus Sections (about ½ lb, 4pc)
    • Individual Lemon Lover’s Mini Bundt Cakes (2)
  • Price: $89

Exciting new holiday gifts and meals, including SeaBear’s famous Copper River Salmon, coming in October! Let me know if you’d like information now!

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About SeaBear:

SeaBear features handcrafted, small-batch Pacific Northwest smoked salmon and other specialty seafood experiences all shipped directly from its smokehouse in Anacortes, Washington, since 1957. Follow them on Instagram @seabearsmokehouse.