Silk is celebrating the power of plants – just in time for Game Day. This year, America’s #1 plant-based brand 1 is making its debut at the Big Game to show people how starting your day with Silk can make you feel good. The brand is on a mission to democratize access to
plant-based – making it accessible and approachable for consumers – and what better way to do so than showing up on one of sports’ biggest stages with a fun and approachable nutrition-forward message? To bring its debut campaign to life, Silk partnered with Jeremy Renner – the action hero actor who has made a superhuman comeback – alongside his daughter Ava. Through a fun morning routine filled with moves, grooves and stunts, Renner demonstrates how incorporating Silk into your diet can help anyone, anywhere, feel “planty” good.

In the brand’s Big Game spot, Renner starts his morning groggy, but with the help of Silk’s delicious taste and nutrition, he begins to whip up a breakfast fit for a hero while singing his own rendition of James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” showing how Silk’s products help him – and his daughter! – feel “planty” good to start their day. Silk Protein Almondmilk, which Renner uses to create a morning smoothie, has 8g of
complete plant protein – equivalent to the amount of protein in a glass of dairy milk – with 55% less sugar and 50% more calcium than dairy milk. After making breakfast, it’s clear he and Ava are ready to take on the day – and you can be too. In fact, nearly 85 percent of Silk beverage drinkers say that enjoying Silk makes them feel confident they are doing a good thing for their bodies. 2 Who wouldn’t
want to join in on that morning plant goodness?

“I’m excited to make my Big Game debut alongside Silk and my daughter, Ava,” said Renner. “I have a busy schedule, so I tend to reach for something simple in the morning to kickstart my day. Silk Protein is so easy to add into smoothies that I can take on-the-go, and I know I’m getting nutritional benefits that help me feel good and ready to take on the day.”

“We believe Silk has tapped into a special story through our partnership with the Renner family, to showcase the nutritional benefits that can come from adding our plant-based products to your morning routine. As America’s #1 plant-based brand, we’re bringing plant power to one of the country’s most anticipated nights, with a beloved action star as he makes his own personal health comeback,” said Surbhi Martin, Senior Vice President, Plant-Based Beverages at Danone North America. “Feeling Planty Good is all about showcasing how delicious and nutritious breakfast can be with Silk – filled with plant-based ingredients and essential nutrients – in a joyful way. Seeing is believing and partnering with Jeremy (a long-time loyal Silk consumer) and his daughter Ava to share them dancing, singing and goofing around together on a typical morning while blending up plant-based smoothies is something we hope everyone can relate to, even if they can't keep up with Jeremy's moves in the kitchen.”

Building up to the debut of the “Feel Planty Good” campaign, Silk recently partnered with top lifestyle and foodie voices – like superstar football player Saquon Barkley, entrepreneur and actress Vanessa Hudgens and others – for the launch of the Silk Feel Planty Good Challenge in January. The Silk Challenge was created to show people how easy it is to incorporate delicious and nutritious Silk into their
breakfast routines and turn New Year’s resolutions into full year habits.

On February 11, 2024, viewers can tune into Paramount+ and NFL apps with Cable authentication (NFL
App, NFL+, NFL OTT App, to see the spot. Fans can also view the ad across Silk social media, on
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.