Steeped In Ten Years Of Tea Brewing, Pukka Herbs Plants Roots In The American Colonies

Steeped In Ten Years Of Tea Brewing, Pukka Herbs Plants Roots In The American ColoniesTwo hundred forty years after the Sons of Liberty dumped the equivalent of $1.7 million in East India Company tea into Boston Harbor, America’s tea drinkers are enjoying the most tasteful and successful British invasion since The Beatles.

Stirred to action by piquant posts on web pages, Pukka herbal teas have quietly and quickly slipped into the cupboards of American homes. Renowned for their full-bodied rich and utterly delicious flavors, all Pukka teas are 100 percent certified organic. Sip by sip, this renowned British tea made from herbs grown and harvested at organic farms in India and around the world have conquered the formidable taste buds of American tea-drinking aficionados.

Steeped In Ten Years Of Tea Brewing, Pukka Herbs Plants Roots In The American ColoniesThe United States is not alone in favoring the Pukka brand. Now celebrating its tenth year, Pukka Herbs’ teas are available to refresh, invigorate, soothe, rejuvenate, calm, restore and brighten days and nights of tea lovers in 32 other countries, as well.

Undeniably, the passionate, consciousness-raising work of Pukka’s co-founders, Sebastian Pole, Herbal Director, and Tim Westwell, Managing Director, has been the driving force behind the international success of the brand. Stringent adherence to the highest standards for quality, fair trade, sustainability and unswerving devotion to following their dream provided the inspiration for others to join them in their quest for creating a company that is good for the planet and people alike.

“I like to think there is a healing, sustaining drop of herbal wisdom in every cup of Pukka tea,” said Pole, a recognized expert herbalist who lived in India. “Whether you love Lemongrass & Ginger, Peppermint & Licorice, Golden Chamomile, Three Mint, or Vanilla, Black or Green Spiced Chai, or any of our other great blends, you are bound to find a Pukka tea to suit your American taste.”

Steeped In Ten Years Of Tea Brewing, Pukka Herbs Plants Roots In The American ColoniesPukka teas are made to suit every mood and are created to meet the company’s goals on every level, according to Westwell.

“We offer a wide range of herbal teas that’s designed to provide a satisfying boost for each person’s taste and need,” said Westwell. “Translated from Hindi, Pukka means authentic or genuine. That is what we have strived for in every aspect of the Pukka brand. Behind all of our products is a fundamental respect for the earth. All of our teas are blended and made here in the UK to our exacting standards for quality and authenticity.”

Pukka has taken product quality to a higher plain. The company created an educational program for herb farmers based on the highest standards and guidelines developed by the World Health Organization.

Steeped In Ten Years Of Tea Brewing, Pukka Herbs Plants Roots In The American ColoniesAll of this passion and devotion to creating teas that are good for people and the earth itself has attracted more than a little attention and admiration. Pukka won its first award in 2002 for the “Best New Organic Product” at the Natural Products trade show in Brighton, England. The brand has consistently garnered top awards year after year at show after show, including ten coveted awards in just the last three years alone.

Clearly, Pukka is behind the most welcome British invasion in the U.S. in decades. American tea lovers are being conquered by the extraordinary flavorful Pukka teas that not only taste good, but make the tea drinker feel good by knowing that Pukka Herbs is doing good in many countries around the world.

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