SUSHIDELIC Opening: AUTEC Robots Help Create A New Sushi Concept in the U.S.!

SUSHIDELIC offers a completely new twist on sushi in an “Immersive Kawaii Experience” featuring creative direction by Sebastian Masuda, the “King of Kawaii,” multidisciplinary artist and creator of Harajuku’s “KAWAII MONSTER CAFE” loved by celebrities around the world including BLACK PINK’s Jenny, Katy Perry, and Ariana Grande,

SUSHIDELIC: Revolutionizing U.S. Sushi with AUTEC Robots

The location is an unparalleled psychedelically designed space featuring Masuda’s signature outlandish colors, bold patterns and playful designs, such as three rotating cats suspended from the ceiling that reveal a secret image, and where guests are greeted by employees in bright, tailor-made costumes. For guests seated at the counter in “sushi lane,” meals are delivered by a custom pink conveyor belt designed by Masuda and supported by AUTEC.

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Chef Hiroki Abe and Masuda collaborated to create SUSHIDELIC’s distinct menu with the support of AUTEC. Such an unusual and vibrant space warrants a meal that’s equally innovative from concept to execution such as being made with the assistance of the latest advancements in sushi robotics. Chef Hiroki crafts the unusual, yet delicious one-of-a-kind dishes with the assistance of AUTEC’s robots including:

  • ASM865A Maki Maker – creates up to 1,300 rice sheets per hour
  • ASM880A Maki Maker – produces up to 450 sushi rolls or 720 rice sheets per hour
  • ASM260A Maki Cutter – cuts up to 4 hosomaki sushi rolls into 6, 8, or 10 pieces at once 
  • ASM780A Rice Mixer – mixes up to 29 lbs of cooked rice and seasonings
  • Fujimak rice cooker – makes rice with the best taste, texture, and consistency every time


SUSHIDELIC officially opened its doors to the public on June 28th at 177 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013.