TableCraft Takes on Growing Epidemics of Food Poisoning and Waste with SaferFood Solutions Product Line

Food poisoning and waste plague the food service industry every year by infecting millions, killing thousands, and costing the industry billions of dollars.

To wage war on these widespread epidemics, TableCraft® recently launched an innovative
product line explicitly designed to protect kitchen operators from harming customers and
wasting food.

“Unfortunately many of the products people rely on in their kitchens are not designed with
these issues in mind, and they are perpetuated as a result,” said TableCraft President David
Burnside. “We go to great lengths to develop our products with a conscience, and part of that
is to bring our customers solutions that protect against issues like these. Even with a 1%
decrease in cross-contamination and waste, our SaferFood Solutions™ would help prevent
about half a million food related illnesses while making kitchen’s more cost effective along the

With SaferFood Solutions, TableCraft has launched a comprehensive line of innovations that
address these issues with the following products:
Food Poisoning. These products combat the food poisoning epidemic by being easy to clean
and reducing the spread of contamination:
• The KenKut® 3: An NSF® Certified plastic film and foil dispenser that cuts efficiently
and is a safe alternative to the common cardboard film or foil cutters.
• Flexible Cutting Mats: Color-coded to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
• WideMouth™ Squeeze Dispensers: The first and only two-piece NSF Certified
squeeze dispenser, designed with an emphasis on cleanability and sanitation.
• Ridal Collection™ Serving Baskets: Handwoven baskets that are dishwasher safe.
• BBQ Brush & BBQ Brush Dispensing System: Replaces inefficient and messy
brushes that can leave dirty bristles in food.
Food Waste. These products combat the food waste epidemic by preserving food and
allowing for efficient prep:
• Pour-N-Save Transfer System: Captures the last 15% of condiments left in half gallon
and gallon jars.
• InvertaTop™ ValveTop™ Squeeze Dispensers: Made with PerfectFlex technology
and a unique inverted top for more controlled dispensing.

With the November 8th acquisition of Professional Bakeware Company, which manufactures

highly durable cast aluminum and coated buffetware, TableCraft will expand these protective

innovations to the buffet and catering markets.

Backgrounder – The Epidemics of Food Poisoning and Waste in America

Every year 48 million Americans suffer from food poisoning, according to recent statistics from

the Center for Disease Control. Of these, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die. Recent

studies indicate that these incidents cost the U.S. alone nearly $77 billion every year, nearly

twice the annual cost of the common cold.

A single restaurant produces approximately 25,000-75,000 pounds of food waste in a year

depending on the size of the establishment, and its been shown that 65% of this waste occurs

during the food preparation stage. In addition to the costs associated with wasted resources, a

recent survey found that nearly half of U.S. diners would spend more for meals at food service

locations taking steps to limit food waste.

To learn more about the complete SaferFood Solutions product line, and how to take steps that

reduce the risk of spreading contamination and wasting resources, go to Here, visitors can also submit relevant challenges they face in

their own kitchens, locate or register establishments that are taking steps to reduce food

poisoning and waste, and spread the word by sharing a viral video that dramatizes the


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