Take a Seat

People always feel excited to attend nightclubs, lounges, parties, and other events regarding fun times in the evening. This is when nightclubs, bars, event centers, and venues with banquet rooms need to gear up for the evening parties where an unexpected number of people may show up. Modern Line Furniture, a hospitality and contract furniture manufacturer, can create the perfect furniture, including modular seating.

Take a Seat: Discovering Dining Trends with Food & Beverage Magazine


Setting up the VIP Seating can be as simple as moving units around and creating U-shapes and private areas.

Whether operating a nightclub operation or event space, clients can always be accommodated with the amount of seating required. The possibilities are endless with single components such as armless chairs and corners.

Modular lounge seating provides large furniture sets in manageable pieces with sofa pieces that are easy to install and move around. Best of all, they’re also easier to repair if there is damage since only one component is being repaired or replaced instead of the entire product.

Modern Line Furniture offers more than 40 different styles of modular lounge seating, and each one of those is fully customizable by its skilled craftsmen. The highest quality fabrics are available, and customers can also supply their own. All of our furniture is 100 percent customizable to exact requirements and specifications. Built to specifications at Modern Line Furniture’s New Jersey-based factory, its entire line is 100 percent American-made.

The idea behind modular seating is to provide optimum seating arrangements to fit any space best. Modular furniture can hug walls, fit in the corners or create perfect seating in the center. It is not permanent, so that it can be moved or stored, and furniture can be placed for daytime operation. Other spaces include waiting areas and front of house, along with nightclubs and event centers.

One choice of modular lounge seating includes a double-back model, the Harmony Collection. Corner seating models includes  Escape,Legacy,9049,9050 and many others.

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All modular furniture is created to meet the exact criteria and can be turned around in a short period of time by being manufactured in a facility located in New Jersey.

Whether a high-end restaurant, a rooftop lounge, or a trendy bar, furniture with solid functionality and color scheme can add to its success and revenue. Modern Line Furniture offers the best American-made restaurant furniture available. For more info, visit modernlinefurniture.com and follow on Instagram @ modernlinefurniture.