Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Reinvents an Ancient Elixir

Tealixir Herbal Kombucha Reinvents an Ancient ElixirBy now, you’ve probably heard about the latest greatest sensation on the health food
market – Kombucha. (If not, get with it! It’s a non-alcoholic fermented tea revered for the
probiotics and various health benefits. Don’t go to your next yoga class without having
tried one!)
Kombucha is everywhere you turn these days from Whole Foods to Walmart. In a sea of
fermented tea, one kombucha stands out – Tealixir Herbal Kombucha. From the vintagewith-
a-modern-twist branding to the unique flavors that dance and linger on your palate,
Tealixir is definitely different.
And by different we mean delicious. Each Tealixir has a distinct flavor profile that is as
refreshing as it is addicting. It’s like enjoying super tasty sodas while taking probiotics
and herbal supplements at the same time…without having to take handfuls of pills! With
only 5g of sugar and 30 calories per serving, Tealixirs are basically a dream come true for
the health conscious consumer.
Husband and wife team, Daniel & Olivia McCarthy, combined his passion for home
brewing with her dedication to natural health. From the beginning, the couple’s dream
was an audacious goal – to make the healthiest and tastiest beverage on the planet. In
order to accomplish that, they reached back in time for inspiration to proven methods
of herbal healing like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and North American Folk
remedies, whose many benefits have been extolled throughout the millennia.
“I take the same creative approach to ingredients making 5,000 gallons in my brewery as
I did starting out with 5 gallons in my garage” says brewmaster Dan McCarthy whose
West Palm Beach based brewery is the largest in Florida. “We never use fruit juices in
our beverages. Instead I craft brew each flavor with teas, medicinal herbs, dried fruits,
and spices.”
Their slogan is “More Than Kombucha” to distinguish their focus on herbalism, as well
as, the benefits of traditional kombucha.
Whatever is happening in the Tealixir brewery, the result is pure magic! And it gets even
better…Tealixirs are not only the best tasting and healthiest kombuchas on the market,
butt they are unbelievably also the least expensive – a primary concern for many
kombucha fans.
Tealixirs are available nationwide on Amazon for only $36 per 12 pack, which makes it
only 3 bucks a booch!! Free shipping for Prime customers…and for all orders over
$49….which means that you can buy two!