The Properly Improper Gin

Distinguished Brockmans (Properly Improper) Gin combines the elements of music, magic, and laughter in Brockmans Gin. Along with ambrosial Brockman Gin cocktails, the botanicals add a smoothness that can be enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

Food and Beverage Magazine spoke with Guy Lawrence, CEO of Brockmans Gin, about this unique spirit.


How has the gin category changed, and where do you see it headed?

Guy Lawrence: The gin category has truly evolved over the past few decades through significant innovation and expansion. Long-term, we see the category growth continuing, with an increased focus around those brands that are investing. While botanicals and blends have always been at the forefront of the category, experimentation with innovative botanicals, flavors, and packaging has allowed gin to reemerge as a more contemporary, interesting, and versatile spirit alternative. 


Tell us about Brockmans Gin, how it has evolved and what’s happening now.

Guy Lawrence: This is a very exciting time for Brockmans Gin as we continue to grow our presence and increase our investments on an international scale. In 2022, we continued to roll out our new “The Properly Improper Gin” positioning, which is evident across our many touchpoints, including marketing and PR campaigns, social media, and events. In 2022, we launched our Properly Improper Society in the UK with a three-day takeover of London’s Soho District that included performances, cocktail masterclasses, and properly improper times had by all! We are looking at expanding the concept both within the United Kingdom and abroad.


What makes Brockmans Gin stand out from the competition?

Guy Lawrence: Brockmans Gin was created to stand up in defiance to all the other gins that existed before 2008. This defiant nature is in our botanical blend of Dark Berries & Noble Traditions. We are not forgetting, of course, the very important juniper berry marrying with our blueberries and blackberries created a liquid that was so smooth, it could be sipped neat, unlike any other gin at the time due to its flavor, texture, and the quality of our spirit.


 What do you want on-premise & retail decision makers to know about the brand?

Guy Lawrence: Brockmans is a gin that appeals to those uninitiated into the world of gin but also provides connoisseurs with a taste experience that is unrivaled. Brockmans will introduce new, inquisitive customers to the category and current gin consumers to an elevated gin experience. Enjoyed over ice or in cocktails, Brockmans Gin has a depth of flavor and nuance that is appreciated by many and makes it an exciting and inviting drink choice.


Tell us about your background in the industry.

Guy Lawrence: I have been lucky to be part of this amazing and evolving industry ever since I graduated from university in 1988. Throughout my career, I have worked across all sectors on a variety of incredible brands, of which Brockmans surely stands out. I have also worked with many industry leaders and visionaries who have guided brands and companies to immeasurable success. The spirits industry has provided me with many opportunities, and for that, I am grateful. I have worked in sales and marketing positions and in full-time and non-executive roles that have allowed me to learn and grow. I love what I do and look forward to doing it as long as I can.


What’s next for Brockmans?

Guy Lawrence: So far, Brockmans has been extremely successful with just one reference and managed to become one of the largest independent Super Premium Gin brands globally, selling 1 million bottles yearly in over 55 countries. In 2023, we will introduce two innovations to further increase our footprint in the Super Premium segment and to delight our loyal customers.

The botanicals of Brockmans Gin include juniper berries (Italy) as the gin’s subtle signature perfume. A discerning nose might detect hints of pine and lavender. Lemon peel (Murcia, Spain) is essential, adding a lemony, zesty citrus. Orange peel (Spain) is more subtle than lemon, softer on the palate, adding all of the sweet aromas. Coriander (Bulgaria) features irresistible contradictions with spicy sage and sweet citrus notes. Cassia bark (Indochina) offers warm cinnamon notes but is softer in aroma since the art of less is more.

Blueberries and blackberries (Northern Europe) add a tad of rounded harmony and smoothness to the gin. Licorice (China) provides light woody aromas and sweetness—the secret touch. Angelica (Belgium and Saxony) enhances earthier notes to give Brockmans a sophisticated dry edge. Almond (Spain) unites its oils to help bring all the other elements together, providing exquisite smoothness. Orris (Italy) adds the root of the iris flower to give notes of violets and helps bind the other botanicals together.

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Brockmans Gin is available at many outlets and online. For more info, visit Follow on Facebook @ brockmans.gin, Instagram @ brockmansgin, Twitter @ BrockmansGin and YouTube @ brockmansgin.