The RIVIERA 31 Lounge At The Sofitel Los Angeles

The RIVIERA 31 Lounge At The Sofitel Los AngelesXperiment USA is the new it group of hospitality professionals with decades of experience in operations, marketing, and brand development, who launched one of Los Angeles’ newest, biggest success stories with the RIVIERA 31 Lounge at the Sofitel Los Angeles. Their unique business model and philosophy comes from the minds of three seasoned owners sharing their expertise from distinct perspectives.

In just six months, thanks to Xperiment USA, RIVIERA 31 has become one of the most sought-after venues by corporations, social organizations, and celebrities, and has already made a splash in the top regional and national broadcast, print, and online media outlets. Since their May opening, Xperiment USA has seen over 45,000 patrons walk through their doors and has tripled the revenue from their initial investment, positioning the bourgeoning group to join the ranks of established companies like SBE, The Light Group, and TAO Group.

The RIVIERA 31 Lounge At The Sofitel Los AngelesXperiment USA is made up of three very different and highly-trained experts in their field: Misty Mansouri (Operations), one of the only female Operators of such a large venue in the country who previously launched Vanguard in LA, Jake Saady (Marketing), former VP of the Light Group who helped create the “super-club” in Las Vegas in the late 90s and took it to Los Angeles, and Gilles Amsallem (Promotions), the founder of international sensation French Tuesdays who brings his French heritage and experience in French pop-up restaurants at over 700 venues to every corner of RIVIERA 31.

The goal at RIVIERA 31 is to bring the South of France (RIVIERA) to Southern California (the 31st state in the union). Through RIVIERA 31, Xperiment USA isn’t catering to the typical Hollywood crowd of 20-somethings, but rather a 25-45+ year-old crowd of savvy professionals. In keeping with the French tradition, Xperiment USA wants guests of RIVIERA 31 to arrive for its Aperitif Happy Hour, stay for dinner in the Esterel Restaurant or at the bar, have a drink afterward in the cabanas outside, and stay for late night music and light dancing. Be it while on a date, an outing with friends, or a business meeting, the venue and ambience transform for guests as the evening grows later with the guests never having to move on to another location.

The RIVIERA 31 Lounge At The Sofitel Los AngelesRIVIERA 31 is known for its stunning and thought-provoking decor by L.A.-based firm Kayat Designs, which takes visitors on a visual journey through the evocative history of the French Riviera. Guests of RIVIERA 31 are dazzled by a unique mixology program which offers a selection of masterfully crafted cocktails reminiscent of the luxurious retreats of the iconic French Riviera while the menu takes visitors on an epicurean journey through coastal tapas cuisine. Entertainment is provided by some of L.A.’s top DJ’s and curated live acts. Both hotel guests and Angelenos are encouraged to co-mingle in an upscale international environment all seven days of the week. Each night, the Jazz-eclectic stylings cater to a different audience with weekly themes that attract music influencers and Hollywood tastemakers, yet keeps with Xperiment USA’s concept that “everyone is welcome” in a decidedly “un-Hollywood” fashion for professionals, couples, and friends unwinding after work.