The Secret to Perfect Date Nights Without Any Fuss or Planning

Think back to when you and your spouse or partner first met, and try to recall that fluttering feeling you had every time they looked at you. Back then, it likely didn’t matter if you were drinking boxed wine in paper cups on the beach; everything was new and romantic.


Marriage and long-term commitment take work. Even couples that seem forged together with permanent, mischievous loving grins on their faces will attest to striking a match now and again to make the sparks fly. It is imperative to know that you and your partner may have different ways of feeling loved.

Dr. Gary Chapman’s revolutionary book on The Five Love Languages spells out the secrets that happily married couples likely discovered long ago on their own accord.

We are here to give you ideas about incorporating these Five Love Languages for a perfect date night without much fuss and planning.


Words of Affirmation

Do you remember the childhood rhyme ‘stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’? Unfortunately, words can cut deep, especially if words of affirmation are your love language. Pay extra attention to your words right from the time that you wake up in the morning. Here are some suggestions:

  • ‘That color makes your eyes sparkle.’
  • ‘I’m looking forward to spending time with you tonight.’
  • ‘I really love you.’


Acts of Service

Our actions often say more than our words. On date night, think about doing one additional errand or chore without expecting a reward or feeling the need to point out your contribution. Some examples could be:

  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Putting away the washing
  • Doing thegrocery shopping
  • Picking up the dry cleaning
  • Vacuuming the house


Receiving Gifts

Even the poorest amongst us can give the best gifts by thinking about what the other person wants. We aren’t talking about diamonds or new cars; rather, it’s about the thought that goes into picking out the perfect gift at the ideal time. On date night, pick up your partner’s favorite dessert, even if it’s a tub of ice cream or a Twinkie snuck into their packed lunch.


Quality Time

Scheduling a date night and sticking to your commitment is often all that it takes to spend quality time with their spouse. Consider spending time doing something that will continue to bring you joy together, like signing up for a wine club or scouting out a new restaurant experience before any of your friends.


Physical Touch

While sometimes considered the ultimate goal of a date night in, feeling love primarily through physical touch is imperative for a strong relationship. Holding hands, a light touch, and a quick nuzzle can all reassure a feeling of connection. Try to make a conscious decision to build your date night up from early in the morning with gentle affection.


These tips can be the secret to a perfect date night in without any fuss or planning. Regardless of your love language, it’s about ensuring that your partner feels appreciated, and then the rest of the night will naturally fall into place.