The Vice Wine releases a duo of Luxury Napa Valley Canned Wines

The Bubbly Rosé and Casablanca Mojito from Napa Valley enter RTD new market.

By Debbie Hall

The demand for luxury canned wines has grown dramatically as the Ready To Drink (RTD) market explodes. The Vice Wine has introduced its first two Napa Valley canned wines, the Bubbly Rosé “Vices” Can and the Casablanca Mojito “Vices” Can. These wines are limited edition 2020 vintages available to purchase as 4pks, 8pks, 12pks, and 24pks from

The Vice Wine co-founders Malek Amrani and Torie Greenberg Amrani wanted to produce a high-quality, clean, luxury canned Rosé. They crafted one using only two ingredients: Pinot Noir wine and carbonated water from Napa Valley.

“My wife Torie and I always loved the idea of canned wine, but we struggled to find a high-quality, clean version that we both enjoyed. So we decided to make our own—The Vice’s first luxury canned wine cocktails, the Bubbly Rosé and Casablanca Mojito. We’re proud to put the same high-quality, low-sulfite Napa Valley wine we normally bottle into these super-clean, easy-to-enjoy cans,” says Malek. 

“The Bubbly Rosé is a simple spritz made from the Vice’s bone dry 2020 Pinot Noir rosé and carbonated Napa Valley water, inspired by my go-to cocktail for long nights and work events. A big part of my job is entertaining, and it’s strange for me, a winemaker, not to have a drink in my hand—rosé with club soda has long been my solution for staying hydrated and hangover-free.”

The organically farmed Pinot Noir is harvested by hand and fermented to complete dryness. The Napa Valley water undergoes reverse osmosis and carbonated to the maximum pressure that the tanks could handle (31 Psi). The two ingredients were mixed right before canning, resulting in a light, refreshing, bubbly, and clean sparkling rosé. It is packed with effervescence and freshness with hints of watermelon, red apple skin, blood orange, and spring flowers.

“My childhood inspires the Casablanca Mojito in Morocco, where I drank mint tea with lemon every day, as well as my love of mojitos. It’s made from our 2019 Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc (also known as “The Immigrant”), fresh mint, Meyer lemon, elderflower, and carbonated water. I chugged my first can—it goes down like water.” 

The Casablanca Mojito is made from The Vice Wine’s Napa Sauvignon Blanc beautifully intertwines undertones of tropical and herbaceous flavors with fresh mint, Meyer lemon, a hint of elderflower, and carbonated water. The Sauvignon Blanc and carbonated water are from Napa Valley, and the remaining ingredients are from other regions in California. 

Both flavors contain no residual sugar, under 90 calories with an ABV of 7.2%, and are made with sustainably grown fruit and winemaking practices. Scan the QR codes to see winemaking and tasting notes. Both are BevVeg Certified Vegan and low in sulfites.

As for the explosion of the RTD market, “The wine-in-a-can category is not without its challenges. For one thing, the pandemic caused a can shortage, as well as other supply issues. And only 40 percent of American adults even know they can buy wine in cans, and most of them don’t have high expectations for quality. I wonder if my Napa drinker who spends $40 on a bottle of Cabernet will buy a can of wine?

“However, I believe canned wine is poised to pop, following in seltzer’s footsteps from passing trend to major category. In December 2020, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer pushed to allow the sale of single canned alcoholic beverages (as opposed to an amount equaling 750 ML to 1 L), solidifying canned wine’s status as an easy, on-the-go option. As people start socializing more, especially outdoors, I think we’re going to see canned cuvées all summer long—in coolers and beach bags, and at barbecues, picnics, and pool parties—and well beyond.”

The Vice Wine is a Napa Valley luxury wine brand made in small batches. For more information, visit and follow on @thevicewine.