Toast to Tasty Tiki Cocktails & Tropical Vibes With BACARDÍ Tiki Rumba This Fall

Beginning October 15th (7-9PM EST), consumers can join in on the tiki action throughout October and November, as hosts Tiki & Slow Jams invite DJs from across the U.S. to showcase unique tropical sounds and mix up signature tiki BACARDÍ cocktails like the Cuatro Mai Tai, made with BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro.


Available for a limited time on Cocktail Courier, attendees can purchase an easy at-home Cuatro Mai Tai kit that yields up to 16 cocktails for you and your friends to mix up and enjoy during the virtual sessions.


Interested in joining in on the Tiki Rumba fun? Follow the steps below!

  1. RSVP to a free Tiki Rumba event of choice via
  2. Purchase a Cuatro Mai Tai kit for delivery; link to purchase:
  3. Tune in and learn how to mix up a delicious tiki masterpiece at home
  4. Enjoy the taste of BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro + rum vibes of Tiki Rumba!


Alternatively, those not able to attend the live events each week can also check out the Tiki Rumba site for cocktail recipes, pre-recorded cocktail demos and curated Tiki Rumba playlists from the local DJs.