Treat Yourself to an Unforgettable Trip With Special Gourmet Package From HÔTEL Majestic Barrière


Treat Yourself to an Unforgettable Trip With Special Gourmet Package From HÔTEL Majestic BarrièreCANNES, July 21, 2015 Hôtel Majestic Barrière is offering a special “plaisir gourmet” package, highlighting the new menu created by three Michelin star Chef Pierre Gagnaire at the classic French brasserie Le Fouquet’s Cannes. This package allows guests to enjoy a luxurious and delicious experience in this fully-renovated, historic palace-hotel.

This gastronomic offer for two begins at $307 and includes:

  • One night’s accommodation in a double room
  • Breakfast for two
  • VIP welcome in- room
  • Lunch for two at Le Fouquet’s Cannes with a choice of two courses, petits fours appetizers and mineral water

Chef Pierre Gagnaire, who was awarded three Michelin stars for his restaurant on Rue Balzac in Paris, has been chosen to create the new menu at Le Fouquet’s Cannes. Chef Gagnaire co-wrote a book titled La Cuisine, C’est De L’amour, De L’art, De La Technique (“Cooking is love, art and technique”) and has often stated that “you should be able to sense a chef’s love in his cooking.” Guests will delight in this new menu which changes according to the seasons and offers a wide variety of tastes, flavors, scents and textures. The menu also includes an impressive selection of desserts, as Pierre Gagnaire started his career as a skilled pastry-chef.

Some highlights on the new menu include:

  • Crabmeat and razor clams, grated cauliflower with red berries and cucumber jelly with seaweed
  • Lobster medallions and rillettes
  • Cod with Espelette chilli peppers
  • Pounded veal escalope with oregano

The Majestic Hotel and Le Fouquet’s Cannes Brasserie are both iconic sites in France, symbolizing a uniquely French way of life that remains unchanged by the passing years. Opened in Paris in 1899 by Louis Fouquet, the Brasserie located at 99 Avenue des Champs Elysées became a favorite haunt of artists and film stars after the first cinema opened in 1928. Less than twenty years later, the hotel established by Lucien Barrière on the Croisette was at the forefront of the beginnings of a cinematic event that became the most important film festival in the world – the Cannes Film Festival. Both The Majestic Hotel and Le Fouquet’s Cannes Brasserie have come together to offer an unforgettable experience in a timeless and luxurious setting where skill and expertise go hand in hand with a relaxed yet chic atmosphere

The “plaisir gourmet” package offer is valid from Oct. 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016, beginning at $307 and is subject to booking conditions, availability and the number of rooms reserved.

For reservations, please call: + 33 (0)9 70 82 09 00. Further information on Hôtel Majestic Barrière may be found here: