Vegan Fried Chick*n Company VFC Expands US Retail Footprint, Launching in Raley’s Supermarkets

VFC – the UK-founded, bold vegan fried chick*n brand and trailblazer in vegan chick*n protein, today announced an exciting milestone in the company, with its expansion across the US retail industry, launching in the American grocery store, Raley’s. The launch taps into the growing consumer demand for vegan and plant-based protein alternatives.

VFC Expands to Raley’s Supermarkets

Launching in over 100 Raley’s stores across the West Coast, VFC aims to revolutionize the
vegan food market with its tender, vegan chick*n options all with that crunchy cornflake
coating consumers know and love, including; Chick*n Filets for the perfect burger bite,
Chick*n Tenders for dipping and dunking, and Popcorn Chick*n for a light sharing snack. Each
product is high in protein and there is absolutely no sacrifice on flavor.

Standing out from the commercial crowd, VFC is known for its bold, irreverent, and
rebellious attitude, as well as their witty and humorous marketing, but most importantly it’s
their no-holds-barred activism that really sets VFC apart from the rest, cemented with an
ambitious brand mission: to end factory farming, spare chickens and change the world.

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VFC recently launched its Chick*n Tenders and plans to launch a number of new products
throughout the year, giving customers the same taste, juiciness and mouthful as traditional
fried chicken, without harming any animals in the process!

For more information on VFC head to, or to get in touch with the sales
team, please contact Sandra Fermin (