Campaign Benefits the Voss Foundation With All Donations Going to  Support Building Wells in Africa

VOSS Artesian Water from Norway is pleased to announce the second annual 31 Days to Make a Difference campaign.

31 Days to Make a Difference is an international campaign designed to communicate the global need for clean drinking water solutions and help us increase awareness of the Voss Foundation which is dedicated to funding this need in Africa.

The 31 Days campaign will nationwide on World Water Day (March 22, 2012) and run through Earth Day (April 22, 2012).  By simply texting DROP to 89544 on their U.S mobile phone people can automatically donate $5 to the Give A Drop campaign.

There are more than 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa who lack access to clean water.

Since 2008, the Voss Foundation has helped construct 32 water access points in five countries,  changing the lives of more than 100,000 people in Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Liberia.

VOSS Launches Program with Partner Hotels and Restaurants Nationwide

Custom Promotional Materials Provided for all VOSS Partner
Campaign Launches on March 22, 2012

We invite VOSS retailers and our partner hotels and restaurants to join our 31 Days campaign.

To support partners who participate in the program, VOSS is providing custom racks, P.O.P. displays, and support materials to help forward the mission. Table tents and in-room signage have been created to support hotel and restaurant partners, along with custom print and digital advertising for use in store circulars, newsletters and websites.

VOSS will also include partner account mentions in their 31 Days PR and social media marketing campaigns that are running through April 30, 2012.

Accounts that participate in the 31 Days program will receive the following:

  • Custom Racks with 31 Days Signage
  • Store Signage, Posters and Banners
  • Custom program advertising for use in store circulars, newsletters and websites
  • Account Mentions in PR and Social Media Marketing Initiatives
  • Voss Water Promotional support on Feature Ad and TPR
  • Onsite recognition of the account support

VOSS Water is coordinating this campaign to raise funds to help build wells and water access points in Sub-Saharan Africa. This year we’re offering two ways to donate. By simply texting DROP to 89544 on their U.S mobile phone people can automatically donate $5 to the Give A Drop campaign. Or they can scan the 31 Days QR Code which is directed to the Voss Foundation mobile site, making it easy for people to donate any amount on their smartphone anywhere in the world. Contributions can also be made online at www.thevossfoundation.org

VOSS Water from Southern Norway is among the purest of all major water brands. The water that springs from this artesian aquifer is unfiltered, untreated, and low in minerals, with a fresh, clean taste. VOSS is available in Still and Sparkling in a variety of sizes. VOSS is committed to the environment, and maintaining 100% carbon neutrality, through a set of comprehensive, environmentally friendly measures.

The Voss Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to clean water to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and raising awareness of ongoing need in the region. The Voss Foundation has a particular interest in assisting women and girls, who, relieved of the burden of fetching water, have time to devote to education and enterprise.

When you text DROP to 85944 on your U.S. mobile phone, a one-time donation of $5 will be billed to your mobile phone bill. Messaging and data rates may apply. Donations are collected for Give A Drop by mobilecause.com. Reply STOP to 85944 to stop. Reply HELP to 85944 for help. For terms, see www.igfn.org/t.

Founded by VOSS of Norway ASA as an independent 501(c)(3) public charity, the Voss Foundation has offices in New York and Oslo.

For additional information about VOSS Water visit www.vosswater.com. For additional information about The Voss Foundation, visit www.thevossfoundation.org.