Whole steer roasting’ BBQ event takes place in Cologne/Germany

Spectacular grilling technique brought to Europe the first time on May 5, 2016

Whole steer roasting’ BBQ event takes place in Cologne/GermanyFans of great food and outstanding grilling techniques can look forward to the ‘Christi Himmelfahrt’ public holiday, known as father’s day in Germany.

German entrepreneur and BBQ Chef Markus Rösgen is launching the first whole steer roasting ‘South American Style’ over a wood fire.  A new grilling rack was designed by German Engineers and is made to hold an entire steer weighing over 500KG.   The rack itself weighs 1.5 tons of steel which is needed to match the demands of grilling an entire steer at once.

Markus Rösgen and his team from whollycow.de are looking forward to introducing this unique technique to the public as a first of its kind in Europe.  The grilling will take nearly 24 hrs. and requires burning 3 cubic meters of woods overnight.  Markus and the team look forward to serving their new entre at 11 am on May 5, 2016. Each portion of beef comes with homemade bread, Coleslaw and traditional Chimichurri sauce.

The food enthusiast mastered his Asado skills with a famous chef in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “I am really excited that we can present this technique in Germany. It is an honest and traditional form of grilling over open fire with no gimmicks that has been used by many generations in South America. Thanks to my mentor Mr. Carlos Lopez who inspired me, people will experience a compelling taste revolution”, says Markus Rösgen.

F&B says: ”Don’t miss this!”

More information on www.whollycow.de