Women-Owned Brands: LOLA SNACKS

Women-Owned Brand: LOLA SNACKS

Mary Molina started LOLA SNACKS when her family of 6 at the time was receiving food assistance as a way to help feed and nourish her family because her children have food allergies and they needed something healthy to take to school, practice and everything else in between. LOLA SNACKS are game changing energy bars packed with enhanced functional ingredients like probiotics and prebiotics to help rebalance your gut for a better you.

What began in her kitchen to help her husbands own gut health issues, has relaunched post pandemic and everything about what Mary does has your health and the best results for your gut in mind; giving you the most innovative, conveniently healthy, gut supportive snacks for you and your family.

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Mary is on a mission to improve gut health and boost immunity for the 60 to 70 million people affected by a digestive disease. She knows it’s hard to eat clean – sugar, fried foods, alcohol – all of this changes your gut microbiome, killing your good gut bacteria, that’s why she created LOLA SNACKS, to replenish and encourage probiotics back into your gut helping you rebalance your gut to keep you healthy and on the go because when it comes to being your best, there should be no obstacles – least of all an unhappy gut.

Mary also shares her bars with local anti-hunger programs and mentor’s inner city youth in sustainable marketing and entrepreneurship to help make a difference in her community.