Women-Owned Brands: Luna Bay Booch

Women-Owned Brand Luna Bay Booch Recognized by Food & Beverage Magazine


Co-founded in 2019 by two native Chicagoans, entrepreneur Bridget Connelly and kombucha brewer Claire Ridge, Luna Bay Booch, which touts itself as “kombucha with a boozy bite” has recently made waves in hot hard kombucha space as one of the leading lower-calorie, lower-sugar, gluten-free alternatives to beer and cider. Made with Yerba Mate tea and fresh fruits and herbs, the women-founded company has found its niche as an ethically sourced, socially conscious beverage brand, donating 1% of total sales to environmental nonprofits.

Luna Bay was born out of a desire to make a change in the alcohol beverage industry—to brew something good for body, mind, and planet. All Luna Bay hard kombuchas are gluten-free, vegan, low-sugar and naturally fermented to 6% ABV for a boozy bite. Luna Bay is proudly woman-owned, -led and -brewed. Learn more about Luna Bay: www.lunabaybooch.com Join the Luna Bay community on Instagram at @lunabaybooch.

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