Women-Owned Brands: Made Simpli

Made Simpli is a product innovation company on a mission to create more ease and beauty in the world by elevating our rituals and communities. We give back 10% of our net profit to women and children in the coffee industry.

Women-Owned Brand: Made Simpli


French Press Without The Mess® – in your cup or the cleanup. The quest of two coffee lovers for an effortless, cafe-quality coffee maker in their own home was how Simpli Press was born. Designed to bring out more flavors in your coffee in less time while making cleanup a breeze! Unlike any other French press, Simpli Press features a patented stainless steel ultrafine double filter and coffee basket system that results in grit-free, flavorful customizable coffee with fast and easy removal of grounds. Inscribed with pre-measured brewing guidelines for that perfect cup every time. From Made Simpli.

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