Americans Gain Easier & Expanded Access to Premium Dutch Cheeses

U.S.-based Jana Foods acquired by global cheese purveyor FrieslandCampina; Acquisition strengthens FrieslandCampina’s position to supply its Dutch specialty cheese varieties to American consumers

Cheese-loving turophiles and wine-loving oenophiles can rejoice amid the recent announcement that global dairy giant Dutch Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., among the largest dairy companies in the world with upwards of 23,675 employees and locations in 34 countries proffering an annual turnover of $12 billion Euro, has acquired U.S. based importer and marketer Jana Foods. While this development is certainly a boon for both companies and represents forward momentum of FrieslandCampina’s reported investment growth strategy, Americans, themselves, will also realize a tasty gain. This as the deal allows FrieslandCampina to avail a greater breadth of its cheese products to consumers in the region.

Exemplifying the income upside of the deal for both companies, 2018 retail sales of cheese in the United States reportedly weighed over a whopping $12.938 billion according to That’s a heap of “cheddar.”  But, individual American’s will also realize great benefits, vis a vis enhanced access to FrieslandCampina’s portfolio of products that cover a wide range of specialty imported Dutch cheeses. This includes mild, aged and smoked Gouda, Edam, Maasdam, Emmental and Goat Cheese. Its array of offerings are available in a variety of formats from wheels, loaves and wedges to slices, snacks and shaved. Courtesy of Jana Foods, FrieslandCampina specialty cheeses can be found across the United States in the deli section of supermarkets, club stores and mass merchandisers.

The absorption of Jana Foods was seemingly inevitable, as the company has long imported FrieslandCampina’s Dutch cheese brands. They will continue to import other fine cheeses (from the UK, Denmark, Australia, Ireland and other countries) to distribute in the United States.

Amid the excitement of the acquisition, FrieslandCampina also aptly announced the debut of its new product line Frico Cheese—a suite of four imported Dutch varieties. This includes a Gouda Snack in convenient 20 gram portions packed eight to a bag; a shaved Goat Cheese in a 5-ounce cup; a line of Cheese Slices in easy peel and re-seal packaging (also featured in display-ready cases for easy merchandising); a line of Cheese Loaves featuring Gouda, Maasdam, Emmental, and Goat Cheese for behind-the-counter slicing; and a line of Cracker Cuts featuring cracker-sized Gouda, Mediterranean Herb and Goat Cheese.

This Frico Cheese product launch could not be more well timed amid the holidays—a period when demand for cheese products soar.  But, holidays aside, this new line represents FrieslandCampina’s publicly-stated intentions “to meet the growing consumer demand in cheeses” as well as the “needs of today’s consumer with superior products that cheese enthusiasts have called for.”

These eagerly anticipated new introductions join the existing line of Frico products, both in their traditional wheel-and-ball formats. No newcomer, Frico is a global brand in its own right with a rich history dating back to 1898. It’s long been revered for its top-quality, mouthwatering cheeses in over 90 countries around the globe. The company imparts that its unique Dutch cheeses originate in the open landscapes of Holland, all naturally ripened and crafted by experienced cheese-makers to provide the most authentic natural flavors.

All told, this FrieslandCampina-Jana Foods acquisition and Frico product line rollout will indubitably make this gal’s holidays “grate.”


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