Blue Danube Wine Company Presents, “Danubia” A Presentation Of Eastern European Wines

Blue Danube Wine Company Presents, “Danubia” A Presentation Of Eastern European WinesBlue Danube Wine Company is proud to announce the first ever “Danubia” tasting series, a presentation of fine wines of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro from the company’s portfolio.

The name, “DANUBIA,” was chosen to give a sense of origin to the tasting described as, “a border-less wineland situated geographically and philosophically between wine’s contemporary Western position and its ancient Eastern origins. The mighty Danube River spans not just geography but also culture and time; defining landscape and the tastes of our Danubian wine loving predecessors.” The same philosophy is how the company bore its name.

“We are excited to present this tasting to the trade in such a grand affair,” said owner of Blue Danube Wine Company, Frank Dietrich. “We have been working for over ten years to bring the message of our estates to the glasses of the trade and public. In the past several years, these wines have been gaining a lot of momentum in the market and the exploration of these ancient wine-growing areas can only rise from here.”

Blue Danube Wine Company is the preeminent authority on wines from Eastern Europe, spearheading the renaissance of these historical wine regions and their indigenous grape varieties. The tasting will showcase this beginning in New York City on March 20th and continue onward to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the following days.

Hundreds of wines from the Blue Danube portfolio will be presented to top wine trade and press in each city and the tastings will feature series of seminars on Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria with visiting winemakers Samuel Tinon of Hungary, Peter Bernreiter of Austria, Miha Batič of Slovenia, and Alen Bibić and Frano Milos of Croatia.

“The increasing interest in the wines of our portfolio, and overall in the countries we represent, shows us that the market is ready for the great wines of these fascinating countries.” continued Dietrich, “Stay tuned.”

About Blue Danube Wine Company:
Blue Danube Wine Company was founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Frank Dietrich and Zsuzsanna Molnar. Focusing on Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and Montenegro, their goal is to see out winemakers who truly capture the character of their land. Indigenous grapes, winemakers traditions that predate Western Europe and building meaningful, long-term relationships are the means to the end. For more information please visit