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Blue Pacific Flavors Introduces Kilimanjaro Vanilla

Blue Pacific Flavors Introduces Kilimanjaro Vanilla

Blue Pacific Flavors, an established leader in natural and organic fruit flavors, compounded flavor formulations and sustainably sourced food ingredients, today unveiled its unrivaled and majestic Kilimanjaro Vanilla™.


“Reflecting decades of dedication, partnership and innovation to bring true, sustainable vanilla back to the food and beverage industry, the Kilimanjaro Vanilla story is one of people, passion, pride, and purpose,” said Donald Wilkes, President and CEO of Blue Pacific Flavors. We are making the highest-quality vanilla truly accessible to responsible brands as they strive to align with consumer demand for natural, clean-label, sustainably produced products that also taste amazing.”


Blue Pacific Flavors’ consistent commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainability has led a path to a partnership with Natural Extracts Industries (NEI) to put programs in place to help improve quality of life for farmers, and drive sustainable agricultural practices. Blue Pacific and NEI share a common goal of reintroducing premium, natural vanilla to the world while supporting a sustainable future for the people and wildlife of Tanzania. Operating a social enterprise that educates Tanzanian farmers on vanilla agriculture, champions fair trade wages, and provides full traceability, they are working to empower local communities towards sustainable success. The partnership also provides improved financial security for farmers, and incentive to follow strict quality standards that help to ensure that Kilimanjaro Vanilla retains its unrivaled flavor and quality.


“The synergies that we have and the value that this partnership creates is something that benefits us all,” said Juan Guardado, Managing Director for NEI.  “No other flavor is able to impact on so many different levels: livelihood, product quality, and conservation.  It’s a really unique value proposition and one NEI is excited to be a part of.”


“The quality of Kilimanjaro Vanilla is unlike any vanilla in recent memory,” said Jessica Morton, Sensory & Consumer Insights Manager at Blue Pacific Flavors. “This vanilla is incredibly complex and full-bodied, from the first aromas of rich, creamy florals that excite your senses to the long, tapered finish of sweet caramel, spiced rum, and pipe tobacco. Kilimanjaro Vanilla is what the world’s finest vanilla tastes like.”


Kilimanjaro Vanilla achieves exceptional quality through a true Farm to Flavor® approach.  The complexity of sweet and creamy botanical resins layered over exotic hardwood and hints of terroir can only be achieved through the most thoughtful vanilla cultivar selection, vanilla flower hand pollination, and unyielding patience throughout vanilla bean harvesting and curing. This traditional, handcrafted approach yields a premium vanilla flavor unlike any in the world today.


Through its fully vertically integrated production, Blue Pacific Flavors maintains consistency in quality, ensures cost stability, and enables a fully secure and traceable supply chain. Extracts of Kilimanjaro Vanilla are produced locally in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, delivering increased value and enabling more lucrative opportunities for local farmers.


Conservation is a major part of the Kilimanjaro Vanilla story.  Blue Pacific Flavors is committed to donating 3% of net sales of Kilimanjaro Vanilla to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). Purchase of this product helps support AWF’s mission to ensure the continent’s wildlife and wild lands thrive in a modern Africa.


Visit to journey through Tanzania and explore the empowering story of Kilimanjaro Vanilla.

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