Bottlebooks and ProWein have announced a strategic partnership. The objective of the partnership is to support Bottlebooks as software standard to exchange and distribute wine and drinks product information. Bottlebooks is an online platform (software-as-a-service) that is used by events, associations, retailers, distributors, producers, and awards businesses around the world to streamline their product information workflows.

ProWein is the world’s leading trade fair for wines and spirits, the largest industry meeting for professionals from viticulture, production, trade and gastronomy. Every year over 6,900 exhibitors and 61,000 trade visitors from around the world take part in the event. The next staging will be held from March 15 — 17, 2020 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“We’re excited to partner with ProWein and be part of the relaunch of their website and app,” says Jonathan Harclerode, Founder and CEO of Bottlebooks. “ProWein is the focal point of the year for many businesses. Being able to find and connect with relevant partners is crucial to making the most of the 3 days.”

Bottlebooks is a universal wine data solution, designed to solve inherent problems associated with information sharing in the wine industry. It simplifies how businesses exchange content with one another. Wine businesses send their suppliers content requests via the Bottlebooks platform. As suppliers upload the relevant information, the system stores it in their profiles for future use. The next time the supplier is asked for the same content, the Bottlebooks software auto-fills the form and the supplier only needs to confirm that the data is correct.

Several wine associations already use Bottlebooks to organize their marketing for ProWein. The associations of South Africa, California, Oregon, Washington, New York and VDP have been using Bottlebooks for several years to produce their print catalogs and online marketing websites. Some of the associations also use it to organize their consolidated wine shipments.

“ProWein is the worldwide leading trade fair for wine and spirits. It showcases the most diverse selection of wines in the world. Having tools to navigate that complexity is important to a successful visit. Partnering with Bottlebooks enables us to have an efficient process for exhibitors to upload their content to our new website and app”, says Bastian Mingers, Global Head Wine & Spirits & Director ProWein at Messe Düsseldorf.

“The fact that many of our exhibitors already use Bottlebooks for ProWein made the partnership an obvious decision for us,” adds Bastian Mingers. “As the wine industry becomes increasingly digital, supporting the use of common tools is a natural evolution for ProWein.”

The initial phase of the partnership will see Bottlebooks used as the data entry software for exhibitors to enter wine information for the new website and ProWein mobile app to be launched January 2020. The new website and app will include more than 10 new filter options and more brand and wine and drink information compared to previous versions.

As a special introductory offer for ProWein 2020, exhibitors will be able to submit 2 wines to the ProWein website for free and be included in the new filters. Additional wines can be added with the Web&App Pro package for €99 (free for Bottlebooks Pro subscribers). Extended product and brand information can be added with the Web&App Plus package for €149 (€40 reduced price for Bottlebooks Pro subscribers).

About Bottlebooks
Bottlebooks is an online platform for wine and drinks businesses to collect and exchange product and brand information. It solves the issue that wine businesses have significant cost and effort from constantly filling in forms with the same information. Its customers include many of the top retailers, producers, associations, events, and awards around the world. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Munich, Porto, London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Hamburg.