Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rosé Champagne!

Nothing says romance like Champagne, and specifically Rosé Champagne. With Valentine’s Day coming up on Thursday, more and more U.S. consumers will be eager to get their hands on a bottle of Rosé Champagne this week to celebrate with their loved ones.

For years, U.S. consumers have had an insatiable thirst for Rosé Champagne. In fact, shipments of Rosé from the Champagne region of France have enjoyed significant growth in the U.S. over the past decade. In 2017, more than 3.5 million bottles of Rosé Champagne were shipped, comprising 15.6% of all Champagne shipments to the U.S. As the second-largest Champagne export market worldwide, and the largest outside of Europe, the United States shows the love for Rosé Champagne during Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rosé Champagne!

We believe that the continued growth of Rosé Champagne shipments to the United States is a promising trend, as Americans increasingly understand that Champagne can come only from the French region of the same name. We hope you will find the included infographic illustrating the growth of Rosé Champagne to be a useful tool. The image can be downloaded for you to post or share at this link (credit: Champagne Bureau, USA).

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