Coming Full Circle: Tony’s Pizza Brings Authentic Taste Back!

A  Brand Steeped in History Re-Launches and Unveils New Packaging, TV Spot

Coming Full Circle: Tony’s Pizza Brings Authentic Taste Back!The makers of Tony’s pizza are taking consumers back to the original, authentic pizzeria taste of Tony’s Little Italy Pizzeria.The new Tony’s pizza has a crispy, crunchy crust made of light, flakey layers and topped with more real cheese and a signature sauce.

“Our promise, established half a century ago to place authentic pizzeria taste within everyone’s reach, has been enhanced with the re-launch of our first pizza brand,” said Bob Waldron, president of Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc. “With new packaging and advertising, the brand feels refreshed, and we know our consumers will be excited with the changes we’ve made.”

As part of the reintroduction, Tony’s pizza — which will sport a new packaging design with brand new pizza boxes— will offer product samplings at grocery stores across the United States as well as on-package coupons. Additionally, a 15-second national TV spot has been released highlighting the improved recipe with its enhanced crust, sauce and cheese.

Tony’s pizza, Schwan’s Consumer Brands’ first brand in grocery stores, started in 1960 in a small Kansas pizzeria.  “Tony” Paglia and his brother-in-law Dick Barlow set out to create the perfect pizza, knowing the secret to authentic taste was a crispy, crunchy crust topped with real ingredients. Marvin Schwan purchased the company in 1970 — and the rest is frozen pizza history. Today, more than 50 years since that first Tony’s pizzeria,Tony’s pizza is back and still boasting the ingredients that made Paglia’s pizzeria a success: more real cheese, a rich sauce made from real tomatoes and a crispy, crunchy pizzeria-style crust.

The new Tony’s pizza will be available in the 10-inch multi-serve pizzas that will come in eight flavors, including: pepperoni, sausage, cheese, sausage and pepperoni, supreme, half pepperoni and half cheese, bacon cheeseburger and Meat-Trio pizza. Also part of the recipe update is the Tony’s Single Serve Pizzeria Style Pizza that comes in a two pack. Flavors for this product line include pepperoni, cheese and Meat-Trio pizza.

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About Tony’s: 
Tony’s pizzas are part of the national brand portfolio of Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., the retail grocery subsidiary of The Schwan Food Company. Based in Bloomington, Minn., Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc. has marketed and distributed premium frozen foods since 1970. Its brands include Red Baron, Freschetta, Pagoda Express snacks, entrees, and appetizers, Larry’spotatoes, and Mrs. Smith’s and Edwards pies and desserts. The brands are represented in more than 50,000 retail outlets across the United States. For more information about Tony’spizzas, visit