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NEW YORK – October 1, 2015 – Cooking Channel celebrates home cooking and holiday fun in November with new series, season premieres and themed holiday specials! The fun begins when host Tia Mowry returns to the lineup in a new season of Tia Mowry at Home, cooking delicious meals to share with her family and friends, and embarking on food-filled adventures in and out of the kitchen on Wednesday, November 4th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT. Then, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott host a holiday to remember sharing beloved family dishes, inspired DIY ideas and old and new traditions for friends and family in special Tori & Dean’s Family Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 8th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT. Host Kelsey Nixon creates some traditions of her own in new series Kelsey’s Homemade premiering Saturday, November 14th at 11:00amET/8:00amPT, as she shares her experiences of adapting to a big city, growing her family and preparing delicious dishes at home. On Sunday, November 15th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT, Justine SimmonsRev Runand their family prepare and enjoy a feast of their favorite holiday dishes (and compete for the most delicious bird!) in special Rev Run’s Thanksgiving Supper. Also on the menu in November are premiere episodes of Food: Fact or Fiction?, MasterChef Canada, Pizza Masters, Sinful Sweets, Sugar Showdown and Unique Sweets. Plus, unstuffs Thanksgiving with the ultimate cheat sheet, including first-time hosting tips, comprehensive how-tos, clever decorating ideas, and classic and reinvented recipes. Join the Cooking Channel conversation on Twitter andFacebook.
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Pizza Masters
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 4th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “Urban Cowboys”
Sal Basille and Francis Garcia head to Bozeman, Montana, for a city slicker adventure on a working ranch. Their excursion starts with a home-cooked meal of sourdough bread, baked beans and beef tenderloin at the G Bar M Ranch. The next morning, they head into town for a hearty cowboy breakfast washed down with a huckleberry milkshake. They mosey over to Red Tractor Pizza to get a taste of their “farm-to-pizza” pies, and then end their trip with homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 11th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “Hate Off to Franny”
It is opening day of a new Artichoke in Brooklyn but something is amiss. Fran cannot find his lucky hat, and he will not open without it. He and Sal wrack their brains trying to remember where Fran could have left it during one of their famous food tours of favorite restaurants in and around New York. The day starts in the old neighborhood on Staten Island and lunch at Lee’s Tavern where the guys had their famous clam pizza. Then, they head to Zeppieri’s & Sons in the Bronx to satisfy their sweet tooth with world famous Italian dessert Sfogliatelle. Finally, they cap off their mouth-watering trip with dinner at Fornos of Spain in Newark, New Jersey where they feast on authentic seafood paella and codfish croquettes. Where in New York is Fran’s lucky hat?
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 18th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “We Left Our Artichoke in San Francisco”
Fran and Sal are in the Bay Area to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Berkeley location of Artichoke Basille’s. To reward the staff for all of the hard work, they surprise them with an anniversary party on a beautiful vineyard in Napa. While in San Francisco, the guys check out a Goat Hill Pizza, a favorite in town for 40 years, to try a couple of their time-honored pies. On their way out to Napa, they come across the Choke Coach, a food truck that serves nothing but artichoke-based dishes. The guys finally make it to Charter Oak Winery in Napa for a tour of the vineyard and wine making process, and then cook up a delicious meal in anticipation of the Artichoke staff’s arrival. In the end, everyone arrives, the guys make a toast to Artichoke Berkeley, and food and drink flow as the sun sets in Napa.
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 25th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “Leave Me in St. Louis” – SEASON FINALE!
On their way to Las Vegas for a convention, Fran discovers that his cousin Sal, being the “financially conscious” type, has booked them on a connecting flight through St. Louis. The only problem is that it is an eight hour layover, but there is a method to Sal’s madness. He has mapped out iconic eateries in St. Louis to visit, starting with Tiffany’s Diner on Rt. 66, serving up traditional St. Louis breakfast since 1960. Then, the guys head over to Russell’s on Macklind to try a unique spin on another classic, Gooey Butter Cake. No layover is complete without discovering the local pizza scene, so Sal and Fran head to Frank & Helen’s for a slice or two of their famous St. Louis-style pizza.. Turns out, St. Louis is so delicious these pizza masters might just extend their stay.
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Rev Run’s Thanksgiving Supper – Premiering Sunday, November 15th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!
Thanksgiving with Justine Simmons, Rev Run and the family always revolves around an abundance of food, family and fun, but Justine’s carefully planned menu gets upended when Rev decides to make a Crispy Deep Fried Turkey. Justine has been planning for months to cook her Juicy Oven Roasted Turkey with Quick Pan Gravy. With no one willing to back down, Rev and Justine decide to make their own birds and a friendly spousal competition begins. Justine prepares her Tangy Cranberry Sauce, Roasted Asparagus with Bacon and a special Pumpkin Pie with Gingerbread Crust. Meanwhile Rev throws down by making Mini Apple Pie Bites and Savory Individual Stuffing Muffin Cups. As the family gathers around the table, it becomes clear that no one can choose between the two amazing turkeys and all the delicious sides. Rev and Justine realize that at this Thanksgiving, surrounded by happy, healthy and well-fed family, they are all winners.
Sinful Sweets
  • Premiering Friday, November 6th at 8:30pmET/5:30pmPT – “Sticky Sweets”
Host Harry Eastwood samples gooey, scrumptious delights this trip, and helps make cinnamon rolls in Philadelphia, tries caramelized pecan buns in Charleston and a variety of Wonuts – part waffle, part donut, in Chicago.  Harry is in ooey, gooey, sticky paradise!
  • Premiering Friday, November 13th at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pmPT – “Creamy and Dreamy”
In Chicago, host Harry Eastwood gets stuck into a peanut butter ice cream cake. In Charleston, she tries a whole range of waffles, and in Philadelphia it is a trip down memory lane as Harry tries some good old-fashioned candy.
  • Premiering Friday, November 20th at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pmPT – “Fancy Flavors”
Host Harry Eastwood explores food with a twist, with added flavors that deliver a surprise. She tries a cherry pie with peppercorns in Chicago, some sour cream pound cake in Philadelphia and a spicy Kulfi Donut in Charleston.  It is flavor all the way and Harry is in her element.
  • Premiering Friday, November 27th at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pmPT – “Let Them Eat Cake”
No special occasion is complete without cake! Host Harry Eastwood tries a rum cake in Philadelphia, a coconut layer cake in Charleston, and helps make a macaroon tower cake in Chicago.
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Sugar Showdown
  • Premiering Thursday, November 5th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “St. Patrick’s Day Donuts”
Donut makers take on pineapple in their speedy elimination round before competing for the $10,000 prize in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed donut showdown hosted by Josh Elkin with judgesElizabeth Chambers, Elizabeth Falkner and Sharone Hakman.
  • Premiering Thursday, November 12th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “Garden Pies”
The bakers face nutmeg in the elimination round before taking on the garden-themed pie showdown hosted by Josh Elkin with judges Elizabeth Chambers, Duff Goldman and Maggie McKeown.
  • Premiering Thursday, November 19th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT – “Wedding Cakes”
In order to go home with the $10,000 prize, the bakers must take on cheese curds in the elimination round and a wedding theme in the cake showdown hosted by Josh Elkin with judgesElizabeth Chambers, Duff Goldman and Maggie McKeown.
Online, check out web-exclusive video of the host and judges on the greatest sugary concoctions of all time. Share sweet sentiments with #SugarShowdown.
Tia Mowry at Home
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 4th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT – “Tia & Cory Cook-Off” –SEASON PREMIERE!
Host Tia Mowry and her husband Cory both love to cook, and they are both incredibly competitive. When they are together in the kitchen, things get feisty! They set up a cook-off to settle once and for all who masters the kitchen. Tia and Cory each make their own entree featuring shrimp and a dessert featuring bananas. The losing cook has to do dishes for a week. May the best cook win!
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 11th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT – “Thanksgiving!” THANKSGIVING EPISODE!
Tia hosts a Thanksgiving Day feast for her favorite guys – her husband, son, dad, and brother. On the menu is Herb de Provence TurkeyCornbread Stuffing with Sausage, Apple and FennelBrown Butter Green Beans with Hazelnuts and a Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Bacon Crumble Crust. Cory joins her in the kitchen to help whip up the gravy before the feast begins.
  • Premiering Wednesday, November 18th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT – “Tia’s Perfect Food Day”
Tia takes us on a tour through her perfect food day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. She starts the day by prepping a healthy green juice and a Greek Breakfast Frittata. Next, she visits one of her favorite lunch spots where she gets inspiration for her perfect dinner. She finishes the day with asparagus-wrapped beef fillet to share with a friend. Get ready for the perfect all-day eating extravaganza!
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Tori & Dean’s Family Thanksgiving– Premiering Sunday, November 8th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT –THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!
Fall is in the air! This Thanksgiving, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott spend the holiday with their family and some dear friends. Dean prepares a Maple-Bacon Latticed Turkey with Sage ButterSausage Stuffing in Artichokes, Sweet Potato Pancakes for the kids and a new family tradition, Cranberry, Vanilla Bean & Orange Gelatina! Plus, Tori decides to “go green” for her DIY produce inspired tablescape. Together, they share some old Thanksgiving traditions and start some new ones for their family and loved ones!
Unique Sweets
  • Premiering Sunday, November 1st at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT – “L.A. Sweets”
Unique Sweets explores the fried, the frozen, and the fabulous in a tour of the sweetest spots in Los Angeles. At Republique, French pastries are expertly crafted, and totally addictive. At Churro Borough, Mexican flavors add something extra special to their unique frozen treats. Then, a visit to Bo Nuage brings cake with layers of crunchy meringue and creamy whipped topping, coated in cake crumbs, nuts or chocolate curls. They are light as air!
  • Premiering Sunday, November 8th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT – “Game Changers”
Every so often a restaurant shakes up the world of sweets. At Dominique Ansel Kitchen time is the secret ingredient: desserts are made to order instead of ahead of time. At Good Batch, a passion for cookies has evolved into groundbreaking ice cream sandwiches, like the deconstructed candy bar called the Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. Frozen desserts at Snow Days make childhood dreams come true with feathery shavings of flavored frozen creams in inventive flavor combinations.
  • Premiering Sunday, November 15th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT – “Low Country Love”
For Low Country love in the form of a sweet treat, look no further than Charleston, South Carolina. At Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, they bake up over-the-top warm doughy rounds like the Cinnamon Biscuit. At Brown’s Court Bakery, they push the boundaries of baked goods with items like the Peanut Butter and Sriracha Croissant and their Caramelita Bar. Good things come in small packages at Sweet Lulu’s Bakery on Wheels, where you can order Coconut Cake in a Jar or even a Wonder Chick, a small, sweet and salty chocolate cake topped with peanut butter buttercream.
  • Premiering Sunday, November 22nd at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT – “Sweet Tart”
  • Premiering Sunday, November 29th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT – “Sweet Pick Me Up”
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