This Spring, the UK’s bestselling Cornish Sea Salt is making its highly anticipated US debut, rolling out in retail stores nationwide and on Amazon. Hand-harvested from the clearest ocean waters along the picturesque southernmost coast of Cornwall, England, Cornish Sea Salt is used by Michelin-starred restaurant chefs and savvy home cooks across the UK, from famed chefs and restaurateurs Yotam Ottolenghi, Mark Hix, Nathan Outlaw, to authors Emily Scott, Elly Pear, and many more.


Represented by World Finer Foods, Cornish Sea Salt will begin rolling out nationally to US grocery store shelves and restaurants via European Imports, KeHE, and regional distributors Nassau Candy and C&S, in April. Within their first month, Cornish Sea Salt secured distribution  in over 100 independent retailers. Cornish Sea Salt is also now available for national US shipping via Amazon.



Cornish Sea Salt stands out from other sea salt competitors in its deep flavor, which results from a high concentration of naturally occurring minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, derived from the unique geology surrounding the water where it is harvested. Mined just eight meters from the Cornish salt house on the Lizard Peninsula — the geologically rare and protected most southerly part of Cornwall featuring robust sea cliffs — Cornish Sea Salt is one of the few sea salts harvesting from open waters while also prioritizing sustainable practices, such as using renewable energies and putting salt back into the waters. The combination of its unique geographical location and thoughtful practices result in a completely new sea salt offering in the US market.



Cornish Sea Salt prepares to launch in the US with its two most popular products, their Original Sea Salt Crystals and Sea Salt Flakes, as well as their Smoked Sea Salts:

  • Original Sea Salt Crystals available in 1.5kg catering and 225g retailer tubs: Chunkier than flakes, the Original Crystals stay crunchy for longer, giving foods more texture and flavor. They add a zesty mineral flavor to sweets and bakery products such as brownies, ice cream, and salted caramel, as well as salads and roasted vegetables. The Original Crystals are also ideal for toppings on fish and meat, combined with fresh herbs and breadcrumbs.
  • Sea Salt Flakes (available in 1kg catering and 150g retailer tubs): Compared to the Original Crystals, Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are more delicate with a mineral-rich flavor that initially hits the palate and withdraws to enhance other ingredients. The flakes are ideal as a finishing salt on most dishes and can also be sprinkled on top of fish before cooking. Because they melt more easily, they are also ideal for sauces and marinades.

Smoky Sea Salt Flakes (available in 1kg catering and 150g retailer tubs): Cornish Sea Salt have bottled the mellow, flame-grilled taste of an open fire in every pinch of their Smoked Sea Salt Flakes. Using specialist cherry and apple wood, combined with their renowned sea salt to create a unique finishing salt that enhances and intensifies flavors of the ingredients. Use to season your grilled meat, fish or veggies for a deep, smoky flavor without the effort, or as an unexpected twist to desserts.

  • Really Garlicky(available in 55g tubs): made with just two simple ingredients, salt and roasted garlic, this special seasoned salt has a depth of flavor that allows it to act as a substitute for fresh garlic in a recipe.
  • Salt & Peppery – (available in 60g tubs): a unique blend of meticulously mixed sea salt, cracked black peppercorns, red pepper, green peppercorns and pimiento.
  • Chilli Hit – (available in 50g tubs): features zingy notes of the sea combines with the rounded heat of a luxury chilli mix, including chilli oregano, salt, garlic powder, cumin, red pepper, and jalapeno chilli.



Sustainability is at the core of Cornish Sea Salt, and since its inception, the company has worked to minimize the environmental impact of salt processing. By using a combination of age-old traditional salt-making techniques and innovative harvesting methods, Cornish Sea Salt’s process includes:

  • An eco-friendly salt house operating through renewable energy (50kw of solar PV and heat recovery systems) and is designed with sustainable materials
  • An extracting process that removes only 0.5% of the salt from the water, putting most of the salt immediately back into the ocean at 3% salinity.
  • Minimal travel, as incoming seawater is harvested just 8 meters from the sea, where it journeys through rigorous finely-meshed 10-micron filtration to eliminate impurities, and is then packaged within 10 miles, leaving a trace of minimal food miles.
  • Packaging that is 100% recyclable and easy for reuse as a freezer safe Tupperware alternative.


Cornish Sea Salt, CEO Phillip Tanswell

Cornish Sea Salt is led by the company’s founding COO, Phillip Tanswell, a close friend of the company’s founder, the archaeologist Tony Fraser, before Tony sadly passed away. A passionate conservationist with a background in engineering, Phillip has dedicated his career to bringing together sustainability and food manufacturing. Prior to starting Cornish Sea Salt, he worked with Roskillys Farm on transitioning their dairy to be organic, and together, they created the first organic fudge sold commercially in the UK. At Cornish Sea Salt, Phillip played an instrumental role from the company’s beginnings, creating the salt production system it relies on today and developing the unique flake process. His work has earned him the accolade of BBC’s “Food Producer of the Year.” Phillip currently lives in Cornwall on the edge of the Helford River with his wife and three sons. In addition to running Cornish Sea Salt, he volunteers for the Prince’s Trust to support the area’s local conservation efforts.


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