Creminelli has a sustainable snack for people like you

Since the company’s founding in 2006, Creminelli Fine Meats has dedicated themselves to sharing their craft with people who love great food through the expert blending of old world traditions with modern techniques to create new flavor profiles. But their mission goes far beyond crafting world-class, charcuterie-grade snacks: they’re also committed to being at the forefront of sustainable practices in food manufacturing with the launch of their 80% PCR trays. And at 80%, that’s more than any other packaging in the charcuterie industry.

Creminelli Offers Sustainable Snacks


But what does that mean? Creminelli’s snack trays are now made with 80% PCR content, meaning that 80% of the plastic used to make their sliced charcuterie snack trays is made using recycled plastic. So with roughly 11 million Creminelli snack trays sold annually, it translates to over 11 million water bottles being repurposed instead of ending up in the ocean or in landfills.

“We are excited to see the hard work of so many individuals within Creminelli and our supplier partners come to life with the launch of our 80% Recycled Tray initiative. This is one of many commitments we are making to sustainability, and it will not be the last.” said Eric Schwartz-Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer at Charcuterie Artisans, the parent company of Creminelli.

Addressing the issue of single-use plastics isn’t the only way Creminelli is a nationwide leader in sustainability. They also source humanely raised pork from family-owned farms that uphold the highest quality standards for raising pork. Animals are fed a vegetarian diet, raised in open living conditions and are never treated with antibiotics. Plus, Creminelli’s shipping box supplier plants the equivalent of 1.5 trees for every tree they use for processing packaging, and has for the last 40 years.

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According to Schwartz-Johnson, “We are proud that Creminelli has always used 100% Humanely-Raised pork from family-owned farms. In addition, our corrugate supplier uses 100% renewable, recyclable fibers in the case boxes they make for Creminelli’s products.”

To get your hands on charcuterie-grade, sustainably made snacking, the new 80% PCR trays are now available for consumers in all retailers selling premium charcuterie.