D’Artagnan Partners With Actor Jean Reno To Debut Exclusive Olive Oil Collection In the United States

Premium Olive Oils are Available in Restaurants and for Home Cooks on DArtagnan.com
D’Artagnan Partners With Actor Jean Reno To Debut Exclusive Olive Oil Collection In the United StatesD’Artagnan, the nation’s leading gourmet food purveyor of all-natural and organic meats, game and charcuterie, today announced its new line of olive oils from the South France orchards of award-winning actor Jean Reno.  Reserve Jean Reno, a line of three olive oils, are exclusive to  D’Artagnan in the U.S. and are all hand harvested and created at the local Moulin Jean Marie Cornille, renowned for milling the highest quality olive oils since 1924. The flavorful oils were developed to provide silky and intensified flavors that define the subtle aromas of Provençal terroir, which are rarely tasted outside of France, but are now available in the U.S. on the D’Artagnan website.
“We are so grateful that Jean Reno selected D’Artagnan to import his oils to the U.S. market,” said Ariane Daguin, co-founder and chief executive officer of D’Artagnan.  “The Reserve Jean Reno oils created especially for D’Artagnan are the perfect expression of terroir and fruit. These special olive oils will provide an authentic French culinary experience for both our loyal chef and restaurateur clients and home cooks who enjoy the highest quality products.”   
“As both Ariane’s friend and now business associate, I really admire her mission to provide uncompromising quality products for clients,” said Jean Reno. “As a passionate olive grower in Provence for more than 25 years, I share this same dedication. I am excited about the partnership with D’Artagnan and believe that my olive oils will be a wonderful addition to the company’s lineup of excellent products.”
The imported Reserve Jean Reno oils created for D’Artagnan offer different flavor profiles versatile enough for any dish. The collection offers three varieties:
Green Fruity, or Fruité Verte, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (developed exclusively for D’Artagnan)
Olive Varietals:  Salonenque, Beruguette, Grossane and Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône olives
Aging:  These olives are neither aged nor fermented. They are harvested green
Extraction:  Juice is extracted and filtered, not pressed
Tasting Notes:  Fresh, peppery aroma, barely acidic with hints of green herbs, grapefruit and fresh almonds
Classic Blend, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (not developed exclusively for D’Artagnan, this oil has been sold in France since 1995)
Olive Varietals:  Salonenque, Beruguette, Grossane and Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône olives
Aging Aged for three days
Tasting Notes:  A balanced oil with light floral notes, dried fruits, fresh peppery aftertaste. The ideal tableside finishing oil for any dish.
Black Fruity, or Fruité Noire, Virgin Olive Oil (developed exclusively for D’Artagnan)
Olive Varietals:  Blend is 50% Picholine olives with 50% blend of Salonenque, Beruguette, Grossane and Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône olives
Aging:  Olives aged up to seven days before pressing to intensify flavor
Tasting Notes:  Unique, bold, very ripe fruity flavor; slightly acidic, subtle aromas of cocoa, bread, truffle, roasted artichoke
The Reserve Jean Reno oils are packaged in 16 oz. amber bottles and are sold for $27.99 each on the D’Artagnan website  starting this October 2013. Bottles are also available for chefs at wholesale price.  Each bottle bears a “best used by” stamp which corresponds to one year after bottling, with the exception of the green olive oil which has a shelf life of eighteen months. 
About Reserve Jean Reno
Reno, president of the Association of the Moulin Jean Marie Cornille, uses a technique that has been practiced in the Provençal region for centuries. Some of the olives (depending upon the oil they are destined for) are aged to intensify flavors, then crushed to a paste under the ancient granite millstones at the Moulin’s 17th-century Benedictine Abbey in Maussane-les-Alpilles. They are stacked between disks and mechanically cold pressed without the use of heat or chemicals.
About D’Artagnan
D’Artagnan is the nation’s leading purveyor of all-natural and organic poultry and game, free-range meat, foie gras, charcuterie, wild mushrooms, and truffles.  Recognized in 1994 by The James Beard Foundation as a “Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America,” owner Ariane Daguin also was honored in 2005 with Bon Appetit magazine’s “Lifetime Achievement Award.  D’Artagnan is widely recognized for its superior quality and uncompromising standards. Regarded as a pioneer in sustainability and the farm- to-table movement, D’Artagnan’s innovations have influenced both the industry and the way consumers eat today.