Eliminate Bottle Confusion, Reduce Waste

Every social situation, whether a gathering with friends or a public event, results in the same problem: Confusion over whom a bottle belongs to. You put it down and two seconds later you realize that others have done the same. Now it’s impossible to remember which bottle belongs to you.

Do you guess and risk grabbing the wrong one? Most would say no, after all, who wants to risk choosing the wrong bottle and picking up a germ or virus. More likely, you grab a new bottle to eliminate the risk and create unnecessary product and packaging waste as the old one is ultimately thrown out.

This age-old problem has a name: BOTTLE CONFUSION.

Whether it’s a group of 10 or a group of 10,000, similar looking bottles that get set down lead to confusion almost every time. If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that the risk of taking a chance on a bottle that isn’t yours – possibly transmitting something that could affect your health – is too high. An informative, medically reviewed white paper titled “What’s on that Surface? How Disease Spreads Through Objects, Surfaces, Food and Drinks” dives into the conversation to understand the science behind how this happens.

“Previous scientific evidence has focused on direct contact between infected and healthy individuals, but there is now greater attention on the role of contaminated surfaces or objects (also called fomites) as vehicles for spreading pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The persistence of germs on fomites and high infectivity calls for a desperate need for interception strategies and interventions to reduce germ transmission and subsequent spreading of serious infectious diseases.”

It’s been a problem without a convenient solution. Until now, that is.

Bottle Confusion has been solved, thanks to Agua Plus. Agua Plus is the world’s only alkaline bottled water with patented All-Scratch!™ Technology. Simply scratch your name, initials or a picture directly on the bottle to easily identify that it belongs to you. It’s a fun and easy solution that stands up to every scenario that your bottle might find itself exposed to: Sun, Heat, Cold, Condensation, Ice and even mild rubbing. As an additional side benefit, it makes it even easier to remember the name of everyone at the party!

Agua Plus 4, 8 and 24-packs come ready in attractive Point-of-Sale boxes with a unique product window that allows shoppers to see right through to the bottles. Shrink-wrapped 6-packs are also available. Packaging clearly communicates the Agua Plus commitment to sustainability and the benefits of All-Scratch!™ technology.

Remember, anyone can offer up a bottle of water. Step up and stand out by going a step further and delivering your customers a solution.

Eliminate Confusion. Reduce Waste. Stay Healthy!