India-Inspired Culinary Delight

India-Inspired Culinary DelightEmmy-nominated food expert, television producer, host, culinary expert, and New York Times best-selling author, Indian-American Padma Lakshmi, brings the diversity of Indian flavors to the world. One of those amazing foods with Indian roots is the award-winning, probiotic-rich functional yogurt brand DAH!, pronounced “da-hee.”  DAH! yogurts merge the ancient wisdom of India’s culinary traditions with the precision of modern methods and technologies.

Lakshmi has announced her new partnership with the company, founded by JD Sethi and Ajeet Burns, as a board advisor and brand partner. Lakshmi will work with the executive team and board of directors to advise on the company’s overall direction, brand equity, innovation strategy, research, and development department to help craft and test new products and flavors.

“I was first introduced to the co-founders and the CEO Pam after they sent me the products to try, and it really stood out to me, so the rest happened very organically,” explains Lakshmi. “After I started cooking with DAH! I was able to get to know Pam, JD, and Ajeet over the course of many months. I liked the idea of creating and building flavors, and I thought it was a nice partnership. I’m also excited to share this with the American public because it may be something new for them, and it’s just plain delicious.”

In 2021, DAH! introduced their newest Lassi yogurt smoothie flavor, Tomato with Mixed Berries. This new flavor was crafted in partnership with Lakshmi and inspired by her New York Times bestselling children’s book Tomatoes For Neela.

“I love the richness of the yogurt and how decadent it feels. I was impressed by the velvety mouthfeel when you drink it, but I like that it still has the tang I associate with Indian yogurt,” states Lakshmi. “I was also so surprised to see how much kids loved it. My daughter and my nephews couldn’t get enough, and I felt good about serving DAH! to them because it doesn’t have much sugar.

“I understand that for lots of American palates, savory yogurt may be a new thing, but that’s why I think my Tomatoes with Mixed Berry flavor is such a good introduction. I always thought that tomato pairs beautifully with yogurt, and adding the berries gives the Lassi just the right amount of sweet and tart notes to balance the savory tang of the tomato.”

India-Inspired Culinary DelightLassi is a yogurt smoothie cooked at a lower temperature for a longer period of time, yielding a smooth, richly textured, intensely flavorful, and higher probiotic product. DAH! ‘s Lassi varieties are made with real fruit and are excellent for digestive health. Tomato with Mixed Berries is part of DAH! ‘s existing portfolio of Lassi yogurt smoothies, including Alphonso Mango (with mangos sourced from India), Plain (with no added sugar), Vanilla with Cardamom, Strawberry with Mint and Peach with Honey.  For those sensitive to dairy, DAH! has non-dairy varieties, including its signature almond yogurt cups.

“Alphonso Mango Lassi is a favorite in my household” explains Lakshmi. “Each one contains real fruit and, as I mentioned before, it contains far less sugar than other drinkable yogurts that are on supermarket shelves and especially the ones marketed towards kids.”

According to Lakshmi, Americans consume both savory and sweet yogurt, and Lassi is introducing yogurt that can be both to the market. Lassi combines thousands of years of Indian heritage and history with innovative and delicious flavors. This drinkable yogurt product pushed the boundaries from just using yogurt as a sweet breakfast addition to the American diet.

There are many health benefits to incorporating Lassi as a great addition to a healthy diet. Yogurt is high in protein and is also a significant way that many vegetarians can get protein and dairy into their diet. The benefits for the gut microbiome are very significant, featuring more probiotics than any other drinkable yogurt on the market. 

DAH! products are versatile and can be used in many recipes. “I also love swapping or cutting mayonnaise for yogurt because there’s more protein, for example. I shared a recipe for Chipotle Coleslaw on my Instagram that uses mayo and DAH! whole milk yogurt to give the slaw tang and richness.” 

Lakshmi is the creator of the critically acclaimed Hulu series Taste the Nation, winner of the 2021 Critics Choice Award. The first season of Taste the Nation was streamed November 2021, with its second season to begin later this year. Lakshmi also serves as host and executive producer of Bravo’s globally recognized, two-time Emmy-winning series Top Chef, which she has hosted for 18 seasons. Lakshmi co-founded of the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EFA) and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Artist Ambassador for immigrants’ rights and women’s rights. Lakshmi was also appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

“India is such a vast place with a rich, varied food culture.  Yogurt is quintessential to many an India diet and is incorporated into many dishes. 1.3 billion Indians can’t be wrong!” says Lakshmi.

Tomato with Mixed Berries and Alphonso Mango Lassi are now available to order direct-to-consumer at DAH! is also available in retail outlets nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wegmans, Fresh Direct, Market Basket, Bristol Farms, and select Kroger locations, plus for delivery on

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