New Products To Make Passover Perfect

It is a brand-new year in 2022, and Kayco announces an exciting lineup of both traditional and innovative products for those who keep kosher and new flavor profiles for those looking to enjoy new products. In addition, Kayco, the most trusted name in quality Kosher products, expands its Kosher-for-Passover offerings just in time for the celebrations.

The leading Kosher food distributor in America, Kayco prides itself in offering the top names in Kosher products, with top brands including Manischewitz, Gefen, Heaven & Earth, and Tuscanini. Keeping a sharp eye on consumer trends, Kayco has built its most impressive portfolio of Passover products yet, with trending innovations, unique products, and expansions of traditional Passover items in breathtaking new packaging.

“We call this our own Super Bowl,” says Shani Seidman, Chief Marketing Officer of Kayco. “While we sell delicious and delightful products throughout the year, this is the time we want to introduce our latest, innovative products.”

New Products To Make Passover PerfectSeidman has been working in the branding industry for the past decade, and started at The Manischewitz Company in 2017 and stayed when Kayco acquired the company in 2020. After transitioning Manischewitz as part of Kayco, she was named Chief Marketing Officer, encompassing all its kosher food brands. All of this occurred one month before the lockdown due to the pandemic, presenting a number of challenges in the food and beverage industry. People keeping Kosher still needed the products, and other consumers searched for new food products to try and add to their meals.

Manischewitz offers immense brand recognition and is a leader in offering Passover offerings. Highlights include a better-for-you update to traditional horseradish (white and beet), gluten-free wafers, sea salt, and potato chips (salted, unsalted, and rippled). The horseradish adds flavor to potatoes, beets, peas, broccoli, leeks, and topping for roast beer and prime rib. The inventive tastes are perfect for those who love the root-based sauce, whether they keep Kosher or try new food items.

Transforming the traditional matzo, delicious, new variety of chocolate-covered matzo (available gluten-free) features chocolate mint, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate flavors. While made with the same quality as traditional, these products invoke fun with great taste. A salty cracker topped with a little chocolate adds a new element of flavor.

One of the most recognizable Kosher brands is Gefen featuring products for the entire spectrum of Kosher consumers from ultra-Orthodox to traditional, with a strong presence in every marketplace. Gefen offers nuts, honey bear, chestnuts, packed bean mixes, canned vegetables, baking supplies, sauces and condiments, desserts, instant noodle soups, and fruit juices. Kayco is committed to quality and kosher certification.

New Products To Make Passover PerfectTo satisfy any sweet tooth this Passover and all-year-round, Heaven & Earth launches some fun, delicious, and better-for-you products for the whole family to enjoy. New products to tempt include brand-new no sugar added dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa solids, no sugar added milk chocolate, and no sugar added milk chocolate with hazelnuts. In addition, Heaven & Earth also has a new line of taffy ropes as awesome Passover goodies, made with natural flavors and colors in such flavors as watermelon, fruit punch, blue raspberry toffee, tropical coconut pineapple, and chocolate mint taffy ropes.

“The Tuscanini brand is dear to our hearts,” says Seidman. “It is a fantastic, high-quality brand sourced from Italy. We travel to Italy several times a year to meet with our suppliers who guide us on what is exceptional and unique to each region. We always want to offer the best in premium Italian food products.”

New Products To Make Passover PerfectThis year, new Kosher-for-Passover offerings include freshly squeezed lemon juice made from 100 percent Sicilian lemons. Tuscanini tomato paste (in an easy-to-squeeze tube), peeled tomatoes, diced tomatoes, whole cherry tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes are all made with Puglia tomatoes for an acidic potency. The Tuscanini Premium Quality Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Italy made with only 6 percent acidity packaged in an 8.45-ounce glass bottle is perfect for dipping bread and enhancing other dishes. Spicy, jarred Calabrian peppers in oil and premium cooking wine made of Rosso Toscano and White Muscat grapes preserved in olive oil will take cooking to the next level.

Other authentic made-in-Italy foods with the highest quality ingredients for a real taste of Italy include sauces, jams, and condiments. Frozen pizzas topped with fresh julienned cheese are fired in a genuine brick wood-fired oven for flavorful meals anytime. Parchment crackers and gourmet potato chips make elegant snacks. Tuscanini foods truly stimulate the palate like no other.

“Passover is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays, with food playing a prominent role in the celebration,” says Seidman. “During the holiday, no bread or leavened grain can be eaten, so Passover food has the special certification. Kayco is proud to offer the most robust portfolio of Kosher-for-Passover products that blend the traditional with the innovative.”

Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), one of the most beloved holidays in the Jewish calendar, commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. This year’s celebration begins at sundown on April 15 and lasts through sundown on April 23.

There is a cultural element to enjoying Kosher foods, and Kayco takes pride in the quality of innovative products that are only available where Kosher foods are sold. However, the flavor profiles add different, delicious elements for foodies, not just those keeping Kosher.

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As for the upcoming year, “We at Kayco will continue to listen to consumers and innovate and delight our consumers with new products,” says Seidman.

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