Elouan Oregon Wines And Nonprofit Trees For The Future Announce National Partnership

Joseph Wagner, fifth-generation winemaker and owner of Elouan Oregon Wines, is launching a partnership with Trees for the Future (TREES), an international nonprofit that focuses on globally replenishing the diminishing tree population. Starting October 1, 2020 for every bottle or glass of Elouan wines purchased by a consumer, a tree will be planted through Trees for the Future’s program with farmers across the globe. The initiative runs from October 1 through December 31, 2020 with a commitment to plant a tree for every bottle sold. The goal is to plant 500,000 trees by the end of the holiday season.


“Working with Trees for the Future is very important to me as a winemaker,” shared Joseph Wagner. “When creating our wines, we are cultivating the Earth, we are transforming the grapes into a wonderful wine. Nature requires balance. Our goal through this initiative is to help replenish the Earth by planting as many trees as we can, while our consumers enjoy the ‘Good Light’ of Elouan wines.”


While working in the vineyards at a very young age, Wagner developed a greater appreciation for the environment. Wagner established Belle Glos with the inaugural vintage of 2001 focusing on vineyard-designated Pinot Noirs. In 2006, Joseph began crafting Meiomi, an industry-shaking Pinot Noir with bold and robust flavors uncommon in Pinot Noirs at the time. The brand gained so much recognition that it soon became the focal point of the largest non-asset wine sale in history, a deal Wagner made to fund his dreams and aspirations for his blossoming company, Copper Cane Wines & Provisions. Next up for Wagner was Elouan, a collection of Oregon wines made in his signature style. Wagner named his brand Elouan, meaning “Good Light”, which reflects the typically cool summers, yet abundant sunshine found in the foothills of the Oregon coastal range.


Founded in 1989, Trees for the Future has planted over 180 million trees in 60+ countries, while also training farmers over a four-year period to sustainably revitalize their land. They provide all of the training, seeds, tools, and materials while the farmers come prepared with their own land and willingness to change their lives along with their communities’. Focusing in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, Trees for the Future has spent the last three decades planting trees that protect and bring nutrients back to the soil, which in turn, help the farmers grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.


“Trees for the Future is a proud partner of Elouan wines,” said John Leary, Executive Director of Trees for the Future. “We’re giving farmers the skills and resources they need to improve their lives and the environment and Elouan is key in making that happen. Together we’ve already planted 187,120 trees across our projects.”


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates between 2015 and 2020, the rate of deforestation was at 10 million hectares per year, decreasing the forest worldwide by over 80 million hectares since 1990. The United Nations state that agriculture expansion continues to be the main driver of deforestation, forest degradation and the associated loss of forest biodiversity. The United Nations detail that it is not only the trees that make a forest, but the many different species of plants and animals that reside in the soil, understory and canopy, however, trees are the defining component of forests and their diversity gives indication of overall diversity. Together, Elouan and Trees for the Future will work to help combat forest degradation.


“We’ve learned skills that will carry us into the future,” said Mate Mbaye, Forest Garden Farmer & Trees for the Future Program Beneficiary. “The materials we receive through the program are essential and the training we receive helps ensure continued success.”


This first stage of the partnership between Elouan and Trees for the Future runs from October 1 through December 31, 2020. The partnership will then continue in Spring 2021, with the program running from March 1 through May 31, 2021 to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day in the month of April, and Oregon Wine Month in May.

“It feels good knowing that we can give back to our planet while continuing to do what we love through winemaking,” said Wagner.

For more information about the Elouan and Trees for the Future partnership and where to purchase a bottle or glass of Elouan, visit www.elouanwines.com/plant-a-tree.

About Elouan Oregon Wines

Elouan means “Good Light,” a nod to the longer days and abundant sunshine in Oregon. Drawn by the vision of a vibrant, full bodied style of Pinot Noir, California winemaker Joseph Wagner went to the foothills of Oregon’s coastal range where he could achieve this distinctive style. The unique climate, diversity of soil types and the gentle sunlight influence on both canopy and fruit, form the foundation of this wine’s northern character. Elouan achieves complexity, richness, and consistency through fruit from Oregon’s premiere Western vineyards, which harmonize beautifully when blended together. Elouan’s portfolio of wines includes Chardonnay, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Klamath’s Kettle Reserve Pinot Noir and Missoulan Wash Reserve Pinot Noir. For more information visit www.elouanwines.com.


About Trees for the Future

Nonprofit Trees for the Future is ending poverty and improving the environment by teaching farmers how to grow food more sustainably. Learn more about this 30-year-old nonprofit at www.trees.org.