EMMYS: Nominee Sterling K. Brown Gets Ready

This week, two-time Emmy winner Sterling K Brown shared an Instagram with a personalized bottle of Sterling Vineyards wine, the Official Wine Of The Emmy Awards Season. This post, follows his Emmy-themed wine tasting with Sterling winemaker Lauren Kopit, took place on Monday. Together they sipped Sterling Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to celebrate Sterling’s double nomination for performances in This Is Us and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (catching on to our doubles theme here?)! This year, Sterling Vineyards gifted over 3,000 bottles of Napa Cab to all nominees to celebrate their achievements while watching the live broadcast this Sunday, 9/20. Below are a few quotes from the interview with Sterling K. Brown.


A few of our favorite highlights:

  • Lauren and Sterling tasted their Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, which was gifted to over 3,000 Emmy nominees across every category.
    • Sterling: “Listen, there is not a better gift when you can’t leave the house and you have nothing else to do… a good bottle of Sterling wine will hit the spot most definitely.”
  • When Sterling was asked how this year is going to be different
    • Sterling: “Specifically regarding the Emmys, I would say the party of the Emmys doesn’t really start until after the show is over. Everybody is being very polite and respectful, not a lot of drinking going on. But with everybody being at home, with their own bottles of Sterling wine, I feel like people will be enjoying themselves more than usual throughout the actual course of the show.”
  • When asked what Sterling will miss most about the Emmys
  • Sterling: “It is always a joy when you get a chance to see your friends and colleagues in person and everybody is all dressed up and they put in their glam squad from the beginning of the day, especially the ladies have been putting 4-5 hours of glam before they show up so they can kill the carpet, so I’ll miss seeing my friends all dolled up.”
  • On what he’s most excited for at this year’s Emmys
  • Sterling: “What I’m excited about for this year in particular is the number of black nominees. A record number of black nominees, I believe 34% of the acting category, are African American and many of them are close personal friends of mine. So I’m looking forward to seeing some friends take home some hardware because it will be much deserved!”