Epic ‘Something for Every Foodie’ Holiday Gift Guide

Epic ‘Something for Every Foodie’ Holiday Gift Guide
Courtesy Uno Alla Volta

Ah, holiday shopping—the time of year when we go toe-to-toe, elbow-to-elbow and sometimes nose-to-nose with other merry-makers seeking out the season’s latest and greatest giftables. While throngs resign themselves to the chaotic “mall crawl,” it seems the majority of holiday shoppers will forego the parking lot laments and long checkout lines in favor of e-commerce convenience. In fact, during one August 2017 survey, it was found that fully 69 percent of respondents planned to shop for gifts online for the 2017 holiday season in order to avoid the holiday crowds in brick-and-mortar stores.

For those online shoppers looking to ease and expedite their approach, I’ve curated an exciting collection of foodie-forward gift ideas—from under-the-tree fabulosity to creative stocking stuffers to practical lifestyle enhancers—that are sure to make the recipient thankful for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator (www.Aervana.com) $99.98
Here’s a gadget that’s designed to help people enjoy wine at its best in an innovative, effective and fun way. The Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator helps people enjoy wine the way winemakers envision. It uses a patented, advanced one-touch process that provides proper aeration with half the effort. It’s reportedly the only wine aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in your glass. It also helps reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides and pours a perfect amount of aerated wine with each and every glass—it works especially great with young, tannic red wines. With it, you can say goodbye to messy decanters or aerating time delays. The gadget also boasts a sophisticated, sleek modern aesthetic, food safe materials and takes just seconds to use. Pouring is so easy. Just press the button for a perfect amount of aerated wine—every time. With the Aervana, there’s no lifting, aiming, holding or spilling. The technology allowing the simple push of a button for instant wine aeration can give you more freedom to enjoy wine in any environment, in any quantity, quickly and easily. Cheers!

Hand-Gilded Grapevine Wine Glasses (www.UnoAllaVolta.com) – $70.00
Entertain your guests in fabulous artisan style with stunning hand gilded grapevine wine glasses masterfully handcrafted in a third-generation workshop in Verona, Italy. Founder Amedeo, along with his two sons Valentino and Roberto, transform each grape wine glass into a work of art, no two glasses will ever be exactly alike. After applying stucco vines and leaves to the glass, a layer of color and gold leaf is added by hand. Once completely dry, each is hand polished to a gleaming luster. Large capacity measuring 8.5 inches tall and holding 20 ounces, this wine glass is a truly artful and elegant addition to your wine bar.

Vivajennz Genevieve Wine Purse/Beverage Carrier (
www.Vivajennz.com) – $74.98
Speaking of wine, with this gift you can give someone the gift of freedom to go where they please without the sacrifice of leaving things—and their favorite beverage—behind with this purse designed by Vivajennz. Originally created by a mom to carry her autistic son’s organic juice, anything can go inside the replaceable three-liter BPA-free bag. Forget the heavy and fragile glass bottle and bottle openers, as you can carry your liquids of choice without breaking a sweat. Reduce your carbon footprint by filling your drink in the refillable bag. There are many different bag styles to choose from, and each has its own secret insulated compartment that holds your drink choice—wine, mixed cocktail, juice, alkaline water…all no problem. Additionally, a portion of each sale is donated to support autism services.

Faust Napa Valley Commemorative Graffiti Magnum (www.FaustWine.com) – $110.00
Faust Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is celebrating its 13th anniversary vintage by partnering with noted New York City graffiti artist known only as Faust. The artist that shares his name with Faust winery is one of the most innovative and influential street artists coming out of the Big Apple today. Faust joined the winery in Napa as its “Artist in Residence,” during which time he created this piece. Faust (the wine) seeks to express the complexity of Cabernet Sauvignon and the diversity of the Napa Valley by sourcing from estate vineyards in Coombsville and Rutherford, as well as small lots from spectacular mountain AVAs such as Atlas Peak, Mount Veeder and Howell Mountain. The result is an artful palate-pleasing expression.

Fizzics Waytap (www.Fizzics.com) – $129.99
Every wonder why beer tastes so good and fresh from the brewer’s tap, but doesn’t taste nearly as good from a can, bottle or growler? It’s the foam! Fizzics micro-foam technology dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer—both bottles and cans. Fizzics Waytap is lightweight and durable for use at home, as well as outdoor activities like camping and tailgating. With this gadget you can share and enjoy the true taste of beer the way the brewers intended, whenever and wherever you want. The Fizzics Micro-Foam Technology leverages fluid dynamics and sound. Place a can or bottle of beer into the Waytap system, and then pull the handle forward to pour the beer under pressure at a controlled rate to maintain the carbonation within the body of the beer. Then push the handle backwards to begin the sonication process, applying sound waves to control the process of converting the beer’s natural carbonation into an ideal Micro-Foam, comprised of uniformed sized bubbles with the perfect density that delivers enhanced aroma, flavor and mouth-feel. It’s available in white, black and slate grey and only operates on four AA batteries.

Never Too Hung Over Beverage (www.NeverTooHungOver.com) – Prices Vary
As we all know, during the holidays many tend to drink a *LITTLE* more than normal. We want to enjoy those parties, work events, and family gatherings, but still need to be productive and not waste days feeling awful. So try Never Too Hungover – a beverage that’ll help prevent that holiday hangover This healthy liquid vitamin blend consists of B Vitamins, Potassium, Aloe Vera, Green Tea Extract, Milk Thistle and Electrolytes. There are NO sugars, plus it’s gluten-free. And the blue bottle has caffeine if you want an extra boost. Never Too Hungover works by helping neutralize toxins, restore vital nutrients, and hydrate the body. Drink this small 3.4-ounce bottle before, or while, imbibing and you can avoid wasting another morning. It’s a great stocking stuffer and host/hostess gift.

Knack Shop Gift Box Service (www.KnackShops.com) – Starting at $75
Knack is a modern gifting company that allows customers to create gift boxes that match their passions. Create your own custom box, or use their pre-configured options. With the Golden Touch Cocktail Gift, you’re just a few shakes away from glamorous cocktails at home. This gleaming collection of happy hour accessories includes a gold-plated cocktail shaker and double-sided cocktail jigger, along with four metallic leather coasters in gold, copper, platinum, and pewter decorated with laser-cut geometric patterns. Another good option is The Cheese Course. This gift features a Brooklyn Slate Co. slate cheese board, a set of acacia wood and stainless-steel cheese knives, and a jar of “Girl Meets Dirt” heirloom quince cutting preserves. The 7″ x 14″ cheese board is packaged with a burlap bag alongside soapstone chalk and anti-slip padded feet. When you can’t send someone on a reinvigoring getaway, send it to them with the Just Breathe box—a lovely care package for relaxation and rejuvenation. The set includes Herbivore Botanical’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak, an air plant nestled carefully into a delicate sea urchin shell, a Paddywax Urban Concrete Amber & Smoke soy wax candle (mini matches included), and a spa-worthy natural sea sponge loofah. Any Knack gift box is sure to please.

Man Cave Craft Eats (www.ManCaveCraftEats.com) – Starting at $7.99
For the carnivore in your life, Man Cave Craft Eats offers some edible giftables available with doorstep delivery. Feed your inner (and actual) child with Man Cave Eats’ Mac & Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Craft Sausage Links. I also love their ¡Ay, caramba! Jalapeno & Queso Fresco Craft Turkey Patties—the perfect balance of heat, seasoning and gooey cheese. For a classic, try the Chicken & Waffles Craft Breakfast Links. All will provide a unique spin for menu planning. Besides the great food, another awesome factor is that the company has a mission to fight childhood hunger through their “Bite Back” initiative. You can take comfort that your purchases extend beyond the company’s profit margin, as every product purchased equals one additional meal provided to a child in need.

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla and Pure Peppermint Extracts (www.Williams-Sonoma.com) – Starting at $8.00
These are sweet stocking stuffers or gift basket items for those who like to bake—or just enhance their treats. Nielsen-Massey Vanillas sport some of the finest extracts, flavors and vanillas in the world. A Nielsen-Massey classic, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract uses a cold, proprietary extract process to gently draw out and preserve the vanilla’s over 300 flavor compounds. Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Sugar is a flavorful blend of gourmet baker’s sugar and the pinnacle of all vanillas—the Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract. To get in the holiday spirit, Pure Peppermint Extract is perfect for candy canes, ice creams and cookies. Crafted from the finest mint oils under the strictest quality standards, this extract is sure to be a mainstay in your kitchen.

Grubhub eGift Cards (www.Grubhub.com) – Prices vary
Whether you’re celebrating the holidays, birthdays or sending a gift “just because,” Grubhub eGift Cards complement any occasion. They can be customized, paired with personalized messages and sent by email or printout. And they can be redeemed right away to easily find and order food from over 11 hundred U.S. cities whenever the craving hits. Grubhub eGift Cards never expire, and can always be used to order something delicious via their website or mobile apps. Simply type in your address to discover all the restaurants that serve your area for delivery or pickup. You can also search by cuisine, restaurant name or a specific menu item and they’ll filter the results accordingly.

Flipy (www.Amazon.com) – $39.98
Flipy is a handy, patented iPad/tablet/eReader stand that works equally well with cookbooks and magazines. Most tablet stands are designed for either table top use or require you to move your legs up and down to achieve the correct reading angle. The Flipy is designed to hold your reading device at the proper angle without having to adjust your legs. It’s odd looking but seriously functional, designed by an optical engineer to provide three different optically superior viewing angles. It’s well made and weighs mere ounces.

Coby Waterproof Portable Handheld Bluetooth Speaker (
www.Amazon.com) – $19.99
If you know someone who loves to spend time grilling, wining and dining outdoors and loves to have their favorite music filling the air, or maybe they like to shower with their tunes, the Coby Speaker is a great option. This water-resistant, compact speaker has a built-in suction cup, perfect for use in wet environment and while on-the-go! Users can listen to favorite tunes while showering without having to step out to access any of the buttons, as you can use the speaker directly inside the shower. Featuring a rubberized, rugged exterior for ultimate impact resistance, the Coby Speaker is extremely durable. It’s also extremely easy to understand thanks to media shortcut keys that are within easy reach. It also features a built-in microphone and answer button so you can take speakerphone calls on it as well.

Torch Coat Heater (www.TorchCoatHeater.com) – $99.95
Never get a chill while you grill again. The Torch Coat Heater is a portable, battery-operated heating unit designed to fit in a clothing pocket. With it you can transform your jacket—any jacket—into a battery operated heated garment, and fight the elements in clothing of your choosing. With the use of snag-free Velcro, Torch can easily be removed from your jacket and transferred to others to heat every jacket you own. The Torch 2.0, the company’s Next-Gen Coat Heater, features more efficient heat pads, push button technology, a hidden battery pocket and a new 5V, 6000mAh power bank capable of operating the device for up to four hours, with the added capability of charging your cell phone. This wearable technology is available in three different sizes to accommodate different users and apparel items.

Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater (www.HomeDepot.com) – $99.00
Also great for outdoor grilling or indoor/entertaining is Lasko’s Bladeless Ceramic Heater comes with exclusive heat channels for long-range heat projection, built-in safety features to keep children from harm, EZtouch controls and a multi-function remote control for easy and convenient operation. No need to get up from their couch or bed to maintain climate control. This heater also includes: an adjustable thermostat with an eight-hour auto-off timer, widespread oscillation that heats the entire home, dorm, or apartment and two quiet settings (high heat, low heat, and auto). An adjustable thermostat gives the user more control over the desired temperature in their room and the limited three-year warranty gives you peace of mind.

Polk Signa S1 Universal TV Sound Bar & Wireless Subwoofer System (www.PolkAudio.com) – $199.95
No get together is complete without music, of course. The Polk Audio Signa S1 sound bar offers one of the most advanced, room-filling home theater experiences on the market. . It’s designed to bring room-filling home theater experiences with a simple solution that is affordable and extremely easy to operate. It boasts several features such as one-button preset EQ settings, which are aimed at tailoring the listening experience to TV shows, movies and music. It also provides Bluetooth compatibility. Additionally, users can customize voice levels leveraging Polk Audio’s patented Voice Adjust technology, which reproduces clear dialogue.  This voice adjust mode allows users to actually adjust only the dialog, so you’ll never miss a word during action scenes again. At just two-inches tall, the Signa S1 features a performance-tuned driver array and supports Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding, all while remaining small enough to fit underneath a TV.

CarryOkeBell (www.VocoPro.com) – $89.00
Know someone who just loves to sing and entertain? Or are you thinking of new and fun ways of entertaining at home or on the road this holiday season? Consider the gift of karaoke! VocoPro makes that easy with its CarryOkeBell device, the world’s first handheld, completely self-contained karaoke system. Home karaoke technology has evolved from bulky boom-box sized to systems like this that fit in the palm of your hand. VocoPro’s new CarryOkeBell is a truly portable karaoke system with the microphone, amplifier and speaker built into one easy-to-carry gadget. It has on-board digital mic effects to help users sound like a star, or to transform the sound of their voices using the voice changer with seven fun vocal effects. Karaoke enthusiasts can sing at home or on the road using Bluetooth technology and their own “smart” device to access favorite karaoke tracks online. Use this nifty gadget to turn any ordinary party or road trip into a fun-filled karaoke jam session!

NoMo Migraine & Nausea Instant Relief Bands (www.NoMoNausea.com) – Starting at $10.99
For the stocking, these bands can keep the recipient headache and nausea free every day. The NoMo Migraine band is an accessory for all headache and migraine sufferers. This easy to use, comfortable, and waterproof wristband works to relieve headaches and migraines in minutes with its combination of gentle acupressure and alleviating blend essential oil aromatherapy. The best part? NoMo Migraine is drug-free and safe for the whole family. You can also stop motion sickness and other causes of nausea and vomiting instantly with the NoMo Nausea band. This easy to use, stylish and waterproof wristband also combines mind acupressure with soothing peppermint essential oil aromatherapy for fast-acting, long-lasting relief that actually works, and without any harsh side-effects. This band is drug-free, clinically proven, doctor recommended and safe for adults, pregnant women and children. It works in just seconds to relieve morning sickness, motion sickness, travel/sea sickness, nausea due to chemotherapy, nausea after surgical or dental procedures, vertigo, general stomach upset, altitude sickness, and more. Stop worrying and avoid the problem before it arises with the NoMo Nausea and Migraine bands.

SitStayGo PET DINETTE & Leash (www.SitStayGoCo.com) – $29.99
Don’t forget the fur-babies! SitStayGo PET DINETTE & Leash is a unique all-in-one system that allows pet owners to conveniently pack all of their walking essentials so they can grab n’ go with ease. Not only is it great for walks or hikes, but road trips and plane trips as well. It’s also ideal for a kitty in transit! Simply unhook the leash and you have everything you need for a trip with your feline! It has dishwasher safe and food-grade plastic serving/storage bowls—reinforced with stainless steel and rust-proof screws—that hold up to 10oz of water, food and treats; or you can use them as storage and carry what you need. It also has the diameter to hold credit card, license, or spare house key. If water is all you need, just carry one bowl with the flask. The spout is easy to refill at sinks and fountains. Some additional features include a strong 5-foot nylon leash and rubber handle, the water vessel detaches for cleaning, you can attach your own waste bag dispenser and it includes reflective tape for night walks.

NoMo Nausea Dog Band (www.NoMoNausea.com) – $10.99
NoMo Nausea Dog is the first-of-it’s-kind and, according to the company, the only way to instantly stop your pup from puking. This drug-free, natural, reusable and recyclable band is made specifically for dogs who experience car sickness, post-surgical nausea, chemotherapy, or diet and anxiety related vomiting. The combination of peppermint oil aromatherapy and acupressure helps to prevent dogs from getting nauseated from the start. The NoMo Nausea Band for Dogs is a drug-free latex-free, elastic, one-size-fits-most medium to extra-large size dogs. When applied to the correct P6 point of the canine’s upper extremity and smelled with their heightened sense, they will almost surely avoid a miserable upset stomach, making it much easier to take “man’s best friend” with you on vacation this holiday season and beyond.

Handy Camel Bag Clips (www.TheHandyCamel.com) – Starting at $7.00
Here’s a practical gift pet lovers are sure to be thankful for. These clips are perfect for clamping shut those dog food and cat food bags…among other things in the yard and garage. They can hold up to 40 lbs. and won’t puncture the bag thanks to their specially designed “teeth.” The clip also provides a comfortable handle to make transporting your bagged pet food, chicken feed, kitty litter, bird seed, fertilizers, ice melt, compost, potting mix and many other commonly bagged items a little bit easier. No more bear hugging bag to move them around. Another handy way to use it…clip it on an angle and create yourself a pour spout so you don’t spill it everywhere when you want to pour. They even have a “mini” version for smaller 10 lb. and under bags. These clips endure the food stays fresh as it remains in its original packaging!


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