Conch Fritter King of Atlanta

Conch Fritter King of AtlantaTypically when you think of Atlanta, Ga., Soul Foods like Fried Chicken and Fried Fish come to mind. However, one catering company and food truck is pushing the envelope by serving authentic Caribbean / Bahamian dishes like Conch Fritters, Conch Salad and Fried “Cracked” Conch.  The company Conch Fritter King has been around for only a few short years but has made a big splash in the Atlanta food scene.  The company was founded by John Bryson III a Miami, FL native and third generation Bahamian who moved to Atlanta from Miami after college in search of better job opportunities.  “We started the company after not being able to find Conch Fritters anywhere in the city”. In the beginning we were making them {Conch Fritters} for our family and friends and it just caught on” says Bryson. Due to lack of funding they couldn’t afford to open a restaurant, so they bought an old food trailer and renovated it. “When I first moved to Atlanta {in 2011}, street food was illegal and we caught a hefty fine just for selling our food to our fans on the street under a tent.”  Thankfully the laws have since changed and you can now find their signature dishes all around the metro Atlanta area.  When we asked Bryson how he feels about the company’s success he had this to say. “It has truly been a blessing, we have been in several magazines and we even cooked for the DeKalb county commissioner, I guess we’re doing something right”.    Follow them on Intagram @ConchFritterKing    Twitter: @KingofConch ConchFritterKing