French’s® Puts a Promise on the Table

French’s® Puts a Promise on the TableMaker of America’s Favorite Mustard Announces

Commitment to Clean Labels and Social Responsibility

The French’s Food Company announces a promise to deliver real ingredients, great taste and added social responsibility. Supported by consumer, employee and customer values, French’s commitment comes out of its long history. Since 1904, its iconic yellow mustard has always been made from what today would be considered “clean, simple ingredients.”  More than 100 years later, those ingredients remain unchanged. The new French’s Promise means that all of its products will be held to that same high standard.


Clean Ingredients, No Preservatives

The French’s Promise will be evident in the company’s ingredients, recipes and community causes. While many companies are taking years to reach this achievement, French’s is proud to confirm that its ingredient changes are nearly complete. The company spent 2015 refining its product recipes and, today, more than 90% of the company’s products now include only real ingredients, without artificial flavors, colorants, dyes or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).


Commitment to Community and Social Causes

Customers are challenging foodservice operations to lead the charge of sustainability on and off the menu. French’s is taking the challenge to make this commitment a way of doing business. For example, French’s manufacturing site in Springfield, Mo. sends zero waste to landfills by recycling all excess plastic and paper materials and contributing food waste to be used as animal feed. In 2015, French’s partnered with Save the Children, Autism Speaks, and the Movember Foundation, an organization supporting men’s health. French’s is increasing these efforts by supporting Feeding America® – a nationwide network of food banks that leads the nation in the fight against hunger – and providing 1 million meals* to families in need during the 2015 holiday season.


“Credit our employees for this amplification of our values,” said Elliott Penner, president of The French’s Food Company. “They want to work for a company that only uses ingredients they are proud to serve their family and friends and a company that thrives to make a positive impact on their communities.” Penner continued by saying, “This promise is not a one-off. It’s a reflection of how we run our business every day. Delivering on this promise has been a challenge. In an era when so many companies are forced to cut costs by cutting corners, our model is to ask, ‘What can we do better?’ These are the decisions that make our company different. We’re not perfect, but taking this path forward is an achievement that makes us all very proud at French’s. Great taste, real ingredients and true commitment to our communities, that’s what this is all about.”


Look for the “Promise Seal”

Signaling this commitment, a “Promise Seal” will begin appearing in January on French’s and Cattlemen’s product labels and across all of its communications, promising “Great Taste, Real Ingredients, True Commitment to our Communities.” Only products living up to the promise will bear the seal. A new campaign will communicate this promise in online and broadcast channels throughout 2016.


The Promise Extends to New and Current Products

Understanding consumer demand for smarter food choices, several products have and will be changed. Removing HFCS is a focus since it is the #1 ingredient that consumers (56%) deliberately avoid or reduce in their daily diets, according to 2015 report published by The Hartman Group. New products will be designed without HFCS as well.


  • French’s Tomato Ketchup

Launched in 2015, French’s Original Tomato Ketchup is free from HFCS, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. With a fresh tomato taste, it leaves a smooth and well-balanced finish that is perfect on French fries.


  • Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauces

Cattlemen’s has always been known for its quality BBQ sauce. A signature and key differentiator is that Cattlemen’s has always been made with rich tomato paste; and never with starches as a thickener. With a continuous effort to improve the ingredients, HFCS and caramel color will be removed from four sauces: Memphis Sweet®, Carolina Tangy Gold™, Chipotle, and Kickin’ Korean™. The brand’s new Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce, which will be launched without them, and will be available April 2016.


Cattlemen’s will debut its new label design, which will incorporate the French’s pennant to indicate its pledge to the French’s Promise.


  • Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce

From America’s #1 hot sauce brand, Sweet Chili Sauce delivers a perfectly balanced sweet and spicy kick. Introduced in 2010, Frank’s RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce is made with only seven ingredients and is free from HFCS.


Additionally, French’s is introducing a new Master’s Reserve Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade.


  • French’s® Master’s Reserve Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade

Teriyaki sauce will launch in April 2016 under a new French’s product line for premium quality sauces called Master’s Reserve. It is a semi-sweet blend of naturally brewed soy sauce, vinegar, and fruity pineapple juice with a hint of garlic and onion. This Teriyaki sauce is free from HFCS, artificial flavors and artificial preservatives.


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