Hail Merry LLC Triples Gluten-Free Non-GMO Kitchen Facility

Hail Merry LLC Triples Gluten-Free Non-GMO Kitchen FacilityHail Merry LLC announced today that it has moved its Dallas, Texas based kitchen to a new facility that will enable the women-owned company to more than triple its manufacturing capacity for high quality, fresh gluten-free and non-GMO desserts and snacks for the natural and specialty food markets it serves.

The five-year-old, award winning company’s origins began in the home of founder, Susan O’Brien, where she created and tested recipes made with pure ingredients. She sold her products into a few local health food stores and quickly gained a devoted following of people who were seeking great tasting snacks that were also healthy. Partnering with Sarah Palisi Chapin and Ali Brushaber, Hail Merry was able to produce by leasing space in an FDA facility for one year before operating its own certified gluten-free commercial kitchen in 2010. Opportunities with Central Market and Whole Foods Markets required a commercialized kitchen with state-of-the-art dehydration equipment for the groundbreaking award winning, “unbaked” desserts that feature organic virgin coconut oil and raw nuts. The new kitchen replaces that first self-operated kitchen the company operated in for three years.

Hail Merry LLC Triples Gluten-Free Non-GMO Kitchen FacilityHail Merry was one of the first certified gluten-free companies to become non-GMO verified. “Thirty percent of Americans are interested in gluten-free foods and according to a recent New York Times poll, more than 50% want foods that are not genetically engineered,” said CEO, Sarah Palisi Chapin. Palisi Chapin is a long serving food industry executive who partnered with O’Brien to revolutionize the availability of clean label snacks from consciously sourced ingredients.  “We are dedicated to offering families not only an easy way to meet special diet needs, but to celebrate and access the great taste yielded from snacks and desserts made from real, non-GMO ingredients. You truly can taste the difference when what you eat is real food. It is amazing how much of what is currently sold as food, our grandparents wouldn’t have recognized if they read the label.” She goes on to add, “The more we meet market demand, the more jobs we create, which in turn has other societal benefits. We truly believe in the principles of conscious capitalism-creating jobs, enriching lives, and in turn contributing to our community”.

Hail Merry LLC Triples Gluten-Free Non-GMO Kitchen FacilityHail Merry has been featured on The O’Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, and is available on Virgin America, and Omni Hotels & Resorts. The full line-up of products and all flavors of Miracle Tarts and Macaroons are available in their standard size in natural grocers and retailers, including Central Market, Whole Foods Market, HEB, Hannaford’s, Wegmans, and many other natural and specialty grocers. Sprouts Farmers Market carries the Hail Merry nut line-up. Costco offers the Mini Miracle Tarts.

About Hail Merry
Hail Merry was founded in 2008 and is now sold nationally at Whole Foods Markets, Wegmans, Hannaford, Sprouts and many other natural and specialty grocers, sports venues, airports, convention centers and distinguished hotels such as OMNI and the Gaylord. Hail Merry is a snack food company born out of the yoga culture that celebrates raw plant based oils.  Our truly great tasting recipes are consciously prepared to protect the integrity of the pure ingredients we source, offering an unparalleled taste experience.  At Hail Merry we seek to nurture each other, our employees, customers and families.  Our award winning non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and kosher certified snacks and desserts are created and manufactured in Dallas, Texas. For more information please visit www.hailmerry.com and find them on Facebook and Twitter.