Best Budget Food in Bangkok

Bangkok is a food lovers haven. Just as there are exceptional places like จีคลับ for a night of gambling, there are numerous food joints that serve delicious foods around Bangkok.
Whether you are a tourist or a local, these are some of the best places to take your date or friends for dinner on a budget.

Bangkok is an exceptional place full of culture and warm people. You will fall in love with the food, as well as people’s attitudes. Some of the tastiest budget foods include:
Breakfast porridge at Jok Prince

There’s nothing like a hearty breakfast to get you through the day if you want to try something new for your breakfast. There is something fantastic about the porridge served at 1931 Charoen Krung Road Jok Prince restaurant.

You get a bowl of steaming hot porridge with some spring onions and garlic sprinkled on top. The porridge also has some incredible meatballs plus a raw egg that cooks on the heat from the porridge.
Porridge is usually bland, but the extra ingredients bring it to life.

Tom Yum from Pee Aor
Tom Yum is quite a popular soup in Bangkok, and it is offered by most restaurants in different variations. There is a difference in the way Pee Aor makes their spicy Tom Yum soup, though. The chef takes advantage of delicious prawn heads to give the soup an extra creaminess.

If you are around Ratchathewi station, Pee Aor is right within the vicinity. You will find it at Soi Phetchaburi 5. The restaurant is usually full, but it shouldn’t discourage you.
There are a lot of options beyond Tom Yum, too. The menu includes pictures of the dishes, so it is easy to pick up the variety on offer.

Song Roong Roj Duck Soup
The Nang Leong Market is another haven for delicious treats that isn’t on the radar of most tourists.
There are a lot of places serving duck as the main dish. The Song Roong Roj is one of the best places to get your duck at the Nang Leong Market, with everything from soups to whole ducks.

The duck soup is rich with lots of meat–don’t be surprised if you find a whole duck leg in your soup.

MBK Food Island Stall 12
Food Island is a splendid place to whet your appetite with some of the best dishes in Bangkok. You will find the MBK Food Island on the 6th floor of the MBK shopping centre. The desserts offered at stall 12 are simply amazing–perfect for a sweet tooth.

Wattana Panich Beef noodles
You haven’t had tasty beef noodles until you have tried the ones that Wattana Panachi offers. The soup has the right number of noodles plus incredible meatballs, and the meat is wonderfully tender, falling apart with little effort.

Getting to Wattana Panich will require you to walk for some distance from Ekkamai BTS station. Once you get to the junction of Soi 18, the Wattana Panich is on 338 Soi Phanit Anan.