José Andrés’ Favorite Farmer – Farmer Lee Jones

Farmer Lee Jones, best known for his overalls and bowtie, has long been addressed as “farmer to the stars,” regularly providing produce to world-renowned chefs, like Jose Andres, Wolfgang Puck, and Julia Child. He currently grows more than 600 varieties of vegetables, microgreens, and herbs for the world’s top chefs, hotels, & restaurants.


He’s a wealth of knowledge about vegetable nutrition and can comment on topics such as new veggies to experience for the holidays, in-season vegetables to add to your shopping list, and how to pick your produce like a farmer.  


He was recently featured on the TODAY Show & Rachael Ray discussing the importance of well-grown vegetables and that understanding your veggies’ growth process, lifespan, and travel history are key!


While Farmer Lee’s focus is growing the best vegetables while giving back to the land, he has expanded his passion to including Farmer Jones Farm Home Vegetable Delivery– bringing chef-tier ingredients to the home, The Chef’s Garden– a cookbook & vegetable guide, and The Culinary Vegetable Institute– a foodie bucket list item where many top chefs have trained. His story as a farmer has also been created into a documentary currently making its rounds within the film festival circuits.