Maison Larsen (Altia Group) Appoints Marussia Beverages USA for Distribution

Marussia Beverages USA has been named the importer partner for Altia Group’s Larsen Cognac. The appointment is for the entire line of cognac starting with the new Aqua Ignis (A.I). This is the first cognac in the world aged in triple steam-toasted barrels.


According to Tom Wagstaff, VP of Sales at Marussia Beverages USA, “This appointment furthers the relationship between Altia Group and our team in the U.S. Working with this esteemed cognac – from its new extraordinary craft Larsen A.I. to eventually it’s classic range – is an exciting opportunity to connect with connoisseurs and fans of cognac while building our portfolio.”


Larsen Cognac House was created in 1926 by Jens Reidar Larsen, a young Norwegian, eager to explore the world. The global portfolio includes (Larsen VS, VSOP & XO Reserve) all created around the three pillars that define the house style: fruitiness, purity and elegance.


Jérôme Durand, Managing Director of Cognacs Larsen adds, “the brand has been revamped – from the redesign of its classic range to the addition this new exclusive Larsen Aqua Ignis A.I.  After a strong development in Europe & Asia, we are confident of Larsen Cognac’s international potential and consider the Marussia USA team as partners in realizing our potential in the USA.”

About Larsen Cognac

Larsen Cognac House was created in 1926 by a young Norwegian, eager to explore the world. He left his home shore at the age of 24 on a ship destined for the Americas, but a long stop-over in Bordeaux to repair the boat changed his destiny forever. From this unexpected stop, he discovered Cognac and founded Cognac Larsen House with a unique style, built around three pillars: fruitiness, purity and elegance.

About Marussia USA

MARUSSIA BEVERAGES USA, formerly Niche Import Co., a US Importer of international wine and spirit producers from around the world.


Since 1992, the team has launched and created powerful sales and marketing programs by collaborating with wine and spirit partners to build brands in the US market. Portfolio includes such brands as, Hatozaki Japanese Whiskies, Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs, Barenjager Honey Liqueur, Mamont Vodka, Mossburn Scotch Whiskies, STROH Rums, Schladerer Fruit Brandies, Koskenkorva Vodka, Lenz Moser Wines, to name a few.