News Rel-Top Prize in Science, Wine and Wit Accepting Submissions

Top Prize in Science, Wine & Literary Wit Now Accepting Submissions

Rocket Science Wine Label Contest Is One Small Step for Man’s Wine—

News Rel-Top Prize in Science, Wine and Wit Accepting Submissions(38°16’51.02N and 122°13’42.37W)—Napa Valley’s Caldwell Vineyard is now accepting submissions from the creatively and scientifically inclined for the 8th annual Rocket Science Wine Label Contest. Amateurs and professionals alike may submit memos or memes, formulas or fictions relating to rocket science, astrophysics, culture, space, science and wine. Winners receive prizes fit for a “Winestein” including publication on the wine’s back label, bragging rights and an allocation of Caldwell Vineyard’s iconic Rocket Science Red Wine.

Parameters, details, and deliberations for entering the Rocket Science Label contest can be found at

Rocket Science Red Wine is crafted in Napa Valley solely from Caldwell Vineyard estate fruit, and less than 1,000 cases of this special wine are released each year. Owner Joy Caldwell’s father, who was a real-life rocket scientist and an expert in jet propulsion, inspired the Rocket Science label.

Peer Review Determines Prize Winner
The winner of the Rocket Science Label Contest will have their submissions peer reviewed by Caldwell staff, a group of bona fide wine lovers, and sometimes even scientists and visiting astronauts. The prize is generally awarded to those who can most imaginatively train their intellect on the task of providing other wine drinkers with something intriguing or inspiring as they quaff this fine wine.

Previous contenders for the Rocket Science prize have submitted intergalactic romance poetry, provided solutions to critical problems such as how much wine would be needed to propel a bottle into space, offered descriptions of interplanetary voyages inspired by imbibing, explained the detection of dark matter – in wine, explored the bottle depletion theory, as well as a host of other enlightening prose, all of which remarkably, are written within the 80-word limit.

Submissions must be received by Friday April 22, 2016
Astrophysicists, mathematicians, lab rats, clinical researchers, genetic counselors, technical writers, sci-fi fanatics (Andy Weir are you out there?), assistant professors, computational biophysicists, artists, creative geniuses and all others who are inspired by science, space travel or wine, are invited to enter. Applicants may submit as many ideas times as they like (as long as they’re over the age of 21 and keep it to 80 words or less) by Friday April 22, 2016.