Niveau Brands Launches New Packaging With Product Line Extension

Niveau Brands, a national food and beverage distributor of healthy products for an active lifestyle, proudly announces theNiveau Brands Launches New Packaging With Product Line Extension extension of its Smart Energy product line with all new packaging. Niveau’s Smart Energy is a healthy and versatile alternative to energy drinks. It is made with only the highest quality ingredients to provide an all natural energy boost without calories, chemicals or an energy crash later.

Smart Energy is great tasting and all natural. It has no calories, no sugar and no sodium. With its delicious lemon-lime flavor, it can be added to any beverage or enjoyed on its own, and provides a long lasting energy boost.

Smart Energy is created from carefully selected botanical elements and herbal extracts, engineered to elevate energy naturally. Some of the ingredients found in Smart Energy include rhodiola rosea for endurance and focus, green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and promotes good health, complex B vitamins for energy, DMAE to elevate mood and enhance memory, and stevia extract for flavor.

Smart Energy is the first non-alcoholic energy mixer designed to hydrate while boosting energy, increasing alertness and heightening focus. It mixes well with any juice, blends smoothly into a smoothie or protein drink, and is great mixed with any alcohol to create a cocktail with an added boost of energy. For designated drivers, Smart Energy can be used to create a wide variety of alcohol-free mock-tails. Go to Niveau’s web page at for tasty and easy-to-make Smart Energy drink recipes.

Now available in a handy 750ml bottle for pouring as well as 2 ounce bottles packaged in convenient 4-pack, 12-pack and 24-pack sizes, Smart Energy is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up at work, preparing for a strenuous workout at the gym, adding that energy boost to get started in the morning, or enjoying an evening out with friends.

For more information about Smart Energy or Niveau Brands or to order Smart Energy, please visit or call +1-800-803-0433