OREO THINS teams up with Green Giant, Ford, Hanes, and Better Homes & Gardens

  • OREO THINS Special-Edition Green Giant® Camo Pack at first glance appears to be a bag of Green Giant® Riced Veggies Cauliflower Medley and is perfect for stashing OREO THINS cookies in the freezer for a chilled treat.
  • OREO THINS Special-Edition Ford Camo Pack looks like an owner’s manual for the all-new Ford Maverick and can be easily stashed in a glove compartment ⎼ ideal for snacking even when away from home.
  • OREO THINS Special-Edition Hanes Camo Pack is disguised as a pack of the brand’s signature tagless T-shirts and is perfect for parents who like to keep their cookies tucked away in dresser drawers or on closet shelves.
  •  OREO THINS Special-Edition Better Homes & Gardens® Camo Pack resembles the iconic red and white plaid Better Homes & Gardens® New Cookbook and can be kept on a bookshelf or in a kitchen for easy-access when hunger strikes.