Plant-Based Penne Straws; Pasta-Shaped Snacks by Vintage Italia

A guilt-free pasta snack to add to your shopping list!

Made with Lentils and White Beans, Penne Straws by Vintage Italia’s Pasta Snacks are one of our favorite new go-to snacks. Consumers are being very conscious of what they are feeding themselves and their children and are always on the hunt for better-for-you-snack alternatives to fill their pantry with.  SNAX-Sational Brands’ Vintage Italia recently introduced Penne Straws, a low-calorie, pasta-shaped treat that is made of lentils and white beans, seasoned to perfection giving them authentic delicious flavor, offered in five flavor varieties and sold in 6oz bags. Pasta Snacks is a chip alternative game changer that the entire family will enjoy.

These have become a snacking favorite by anyone that tries them. The crunch, lightness, and flavor offers an addicting taste, and with the low-calorie count, the bag is hard to put down!

Penne Straws are Plant-Based, Certified Gluten Free and feature a Non-GMO stamp of approval on the packaging, plus only 140 calories per serving.

The Vegan options include Cinnamon Churro (Total sugars 2g), Lemon Garlic (Total sugars 1g), Marinara (Total sugars 1g), Sweet Pepper (Total sugars 1g) and Non Vegan Mac N’ Cheese (Total sugars 1g).

Available nationwide and for online ordering at and at top national food retailers like Safeway, Albertsons, Shaws, Mariano’s, Market Basket, 7-11 and more. Follow them on Social Media @EatPastaSnacks #PenneStraws