Portland’s First Bone Broth Bar Celebrates Grand Opening with Free Broth on August 5

Portland’s First Bone Broth Bar Celebrates Grand Opening with Free Broth on August 5PORTLAND’S FIRST BONE BROTH BAR CELEBRATES GRAND OPENING WITH FREE BROTH ON AUGUST 5

Broth Bar, by Salt, Fire & Time, will serve house made bone broth, kombucha and a menu of nourishing foods to support a healthy lifestyle

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 30, 2015) – Tressa and Katie Yellig will open the doors to Broth Bar, Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café, at 8am on Wednesday, August 5th. To celebrate the opening and introduce customers to bone broth, free samples will be given on opening day while supplies last. Broth Bar is a place where customers start their day with a savory cup of bone broth, stop in for a healthy snack or lunch, fill up a growlette of kombucha, or linger over a comforting cup of broth in the inviting, light-filled space. A rotating selection of bone broths (bison, beef, chicken, lamb, turkey and pork) will be served by the cup, and a menu of add-ins will be available to make the broths into a meal (see full menu below). With the opening of Broth Bar, the Yellig sisters aim to meld fast and slow food, making artisan quality convenient, and healing food an easy part of a daily lifestyle.

“Bone Broth belongs to the everyday person and everyday experience,” says Tressa Yellig. “It’s not just a snack, it’s a lifestyle. Bone broth is an integral element of good health and healing, which is the foundation of our lives. We plan to grow so many things from here.” Broth Bar is an extension of Yellig’s Salt, Fire and Time, and will retail their full line of packaged products such as jerky, coconut yogurt, jarred bone broth, kombucha and fermented foods around which she’s built a loyal following over the past six years.

In addition to housing a café and retail space for Salt, Fire & Time’s products, Broth Bar is also an event space for healthy pop-up dinners, tastings and nutritional classes taught by Tressa Yellig and local health practitioners. The Yelligs’ work is part of a food movement that focuses on high-quality and transparent sourcing from local farms, creating products that are prepared with nutrition and digestion in mind as much as flavor. All of Salt, Fire & Time’s bone broths are made in small batches, cooked slowly for three days to release beneficial nutrients (all broths have been analyzed for nutrition and nutritional information is available to customers), from bones sourced from farms in the Pacific Northwest that raise their animals on pasture.

Broth Bar is located at 115 N.E. 6th Ave. (near N.E. Couch St.), Portland, Ore., and open Tuesday-Friday from 8am-4pm, and Saturday from 10am-4pm.


Bone Broth $5
Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Bison or Pork (rotating selection of two served each day)

Simple Stir In $1
Chickpea or Dark Red Miso
Grated Turmeric & Ginger

Add a Bundle $4
Chickpea Miso, Grated Ginger & Turmeric, Scallions, Soft Boiled Egg
Dark Red Miso, Grated Ginger, Scallions, Chicken Hearts
Chickpea Miso, Seasonal Kraut, Kelp Noodles
Grated Ginger, Scallions, Sliced Beef Tongue

Add Ons $2
Soft Boiled Egg
Braised Chicken Hearts
Cocoa Butter/Ghee & Vita Mineral Greens
Cocoa Butter/Ghee & Medicinal Mushroom

Condiment Bar*
Hot Mama Hot Sauce
House Made Gomashio
Salt: Smoked, Grey or Hawaiian Red
*Please note: we do not season our broths, so please visit our condiment bar

Kombucha $7/quart, $3/glass, One free fill with purchase of a growlette $10
Rose, Green Tea, Osmanthus, Seasonal (four available each day)

Other Drinks
Hot Teas $2
Dandy Blend $2

About Broth Bar
Broth Bar, founded by Tressa Yellig and sister Katie Yellig, is Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café. Inspired initially by her German grandmother’s traditional approach to cooking, and a passion for the healing effects of food, Tressa Yellig has spent the last six years building a community around nourishing foods through her retail shop, product line and community supported kitchen, Salt, Fire and Time. Bone broth is considered an old world healing remedy. What makes Broth Bar’s bone broth stand above the rest is that Yellig sources bones directly from farmers and ranchers in the Pacific Northwest who raise their animals on pasture, grass-fed and grass-finished (and hormone, antibiotic and GMO-free). Broth Bar is also the retail shop for Salt, Fire and Time’s line of jarred bone broths, coconut yoghurt, packaged jerkies and other nourishing foods. Broth Bar is located at 115 N.E. 6th Ave., Portland, Ore., and open Tuesday-Friday from 8am-4pm, and Saturday from 10am-4pm. Tel. 503-208-2758. Follow Broth Bar on Instagram at @BrothBarSFT, and Twitter at @BrothBarSFT For more information and a schedule of events, go to www.brothbarsft.com #bonebroth

About Tressa Yellig
Tressa Yellig, founder of Salt, Fire and Time and Broth Bar, specializes in a variety of health supportive cooking styles including vegan, macrobiotic, and Ayurvedic traditions, but mostly advocates for the Weston A. Price Foundation’s nutritional philosophy of using traditional fats, pastured meats, raw dairy and cultured foods. She is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, and apprenticed under the worker-ownership of Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, California, the first community supported kitchen (CSK) of its kind and has experience managing farmer’s markets, working with a variety of artisan food producers, in restaurants, business management and organizations promoting urban food sustainability, local food economies and seasonality. In 2009, Yellig started Salt, Fire and Time in Portland Oregon, producing traditional healing food products on a community scale. Along with running her businesses, Yellig teaches a variety of old world cooking and nutrition classes in Portland, and lectures on bone broth at such venues as the National College for Naturopathic Medicine and the Food as Medicine Symposium.